Quake4 is a carbon copy of Doom3 also developed by Games. It adds closed captioning so that all dialog and sound effects have text descriptions for hard of hearing or deaf to be able to play Quake4. People who are trying to learn more about the english language can also find it helpful because they can hear and read the dialog at the same time. The mod will feature a Visual Sound Radar. This gives an approximate idea of which direction and how far a sound is coming from. It is intended to be vague and not allow people to gain an unfair advantage. On the radar, you'll see colored blips that represent the colored captions. See a red caption and you'll see a corresponding red blip on the radar. Eventually people will be able to turn on or off the radar, sound effects captioning and dialog captioning. Doing so will allow them to customize how much captioning info they want. The mod is due Oct. 13th for the IGF 2007 mod competition. Last year, Doom3 was nominated for an award...

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