Quake Wars: Tactical Assault is a revamp of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars' core gameplay, with the intention of creating a grittier, more realistic environment than the base game, while still telling the story of the Strogg invasion of Earth. While Enemy Territory: Quake Wars tends to be a game of shoot first, often, and charge into the meatgrinder, Quake Wars: Tactical Assault strives to be more of a thinking man(or woman)'s game, where choosing your fights and positioning yourself to prevail carries the day.

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Jul 19 2010 Anchor

I have played your mod for couple of hours today and yesterday and it was AWESOME!!!!

But I have some Bugs to report and ideas to share:


The new Strogg tank makes game unplayable when using its Plasma gun and Flamethrower. It just makes the game lag VEARY FRICKING HARD

The Dark Matter Cannon feels weaker than Hammer Launcher, because Hammer launcher does strong AOE damage, radiation damage, EMP and it blinds you, when compared to just gravitational pull of Dark Matter cannon, much smaller AOE and the point that you can easily escape the gravitational pull or if you're in air, you can use parachute to fall safely.
My solution is that you make the black hole stick to the ground for 2.5 - 5 sec. That way you make sure that no one escapes the hole by parachuting and that those coming towards the ground zero have something to worry about (Nuke-Radiation/ Black hole- gravitational pull).

You should also enable people to change the mod settings by using its menu. Now I play Skirmish (yes I don't have the Reg. Key, but my friend does), and I can change the settings only by using the list of commands I have written on a paper. The other annoying thing is that you have 2 set this thing over and over agin, find a way to make the game remember your settings.

The third idea is to regulate the XP gain, it's annoying that you can't get all the vehicles unless you play campaign.

The forth ides is to make Charged blaster/Dual pistols fair for Aggressor/Soldier by making: the Lightning from Electric gun jump from player to player/Soldier get dual machine pistols/Covert ops get dual silenced machine pistols.

The last ides is to make Engineers/Constructors get their grenade launcher upgrade on any weapon Shotgun and Assault rifle/Nail gun and Lacerator. Also a crosshair on the weapon when you don't use grenade launcher would be nice. Alternatively you can change the position of the weapon from Hip fire (current no crosshair)/Grenade launcher to grenade launcher/weapon aim.

This may be a lot of ideas and not all need to be Implemented, but I really hope they are.

EDIT: Just to correct myself the Abadon doesn't cause my game to lag anymore. Strange huh :O

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