What is Anaglyph Quake? Anaglyph Quake is a modified version of glQuake designed to be viewed with Anaglyph Glasses. The purpose of viewing with Anaglyph glasses is so that the image is viewed in stereo (a separate image for each eye), which is the basis for depth perception. Thus, with this version of Quake, red-cyan glasses, and a suitable computer, you can play Quake in real 3D. Anaglyph Glasses Anaglyph Glasses are red-blue glasses (the red lens is over the left eye ). They rely on the idea that the red light will only pass through the red lens, and blue light will only pass through the blue lens. Thus by printing the two different views in these opposing colours, the viewer will see a stereo view, and hence depth (amusing that the two images are appropriate viewpoints of the same scene ). Because red&blue are 2/3 of the colours used by monitors for display , you can get red-cyan glasses, cyan allowing both blue and green thorough. Why Anaglyph Quake I originally did this just to see...

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