The Story So Far: Project Interception Began in February 5th, 1941 During World War II, The Purpose Of It Was To Intercept Nazis And Steal Their Weapons And Hidden Gadgets In Hopes Of Uncovering Secrets About The Nazis. After World War II Had Ended The U.S. Government Had Decided To Hire Some Scientists To Work On Teleportation Technology The Government Had Hired Security Guards And Military Professionals To Protect The Facility, By December 12th, 1954 They Were Able To Test The Teleporter For The First Time So They Sent a Scientist Through The Portal But The Scientist Didn't Come Through The Other End The Other Scientists Were Confused And They Didn't Know Where The Scientist Was, Soon Demonic Souls Came Through The Portal And Possessed All Of The Scientists, Security Guards And Military Professionals This Is Where You (CPL. Peterson) Come In Your Objective Is To Kill Every Single Possessed Human In The Facility And In Cities They Had Managed To Spread To By December 16th, 1954.

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