About Project Dawn Rose

Project Dawn Rose is a work in progress alt-history mod for HoI4. It is set in a world where Imperialism is still thriving. Though the timeline diverges shortly after 1444 some events play out the same as in our timeline. Main differences being the Ottoman Empire not falling apart, the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth defeating the Russians multiple times, and Denmark uniting the Scandinavian nations(and Finland). Since i do this alone the mod might progress slowly.

Current Plans:

  • Finalizing the state borders of the world.
  • Adding focus trees to these nations : The Ottoman Empire, Scandinavia, Commonwealth, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, India, Ming China, Mongol Empire
  • Creating events that will shape the politics and diplomacy outside of focuses and wars.

Non Essential Plans:

  • Creating focus trees to every single nation if possible
  • Extending the timeline to start in 1920.
  • Creating unique equipment names and icons for majors
  • Realistic portraits for every leader
  • Other stuff i can't think right now.
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Announcement of the Mod


I've been working on this mod for some time now and i decided to release it for the public in the future. Will it be the near future or not that i can't say sadly.

I will upload any development i made for the mod, i possibly won't update it regurarly. Any questions you have i will answer. Any suggestion you have i possibly listen to. If you can do decent art that's great. If you even help me out with realistic portraits of people who never existed even better. So yeah. That is all. I hope my PC won't die before i finish the mod. Fingers crossed.

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