Primal Fear

You are a hunter, a planet called Terra Mmicus 001 has been annexed as a hunting ground by a hunting organization called VenariTek. You have grown unintimidated by the mammalian fauna ruling hunting grounds of Earth. These new grounds contain creatures of more respectable power and hostility. These dinsaurs have gone through convergent evolution, following the same path of speciation as Earth. VenariTek, in control of Terra Miccus 001, has the goal of mild punctuated equilibrium. The hunting organization redistributes the dinosaurs in separate reserves, those individuals from species that have already mated or obstruct equilibrium are sent to be hunted.You, the hunter have the privilege to wander these lands by paying credits at which is used to maintain and protect the planetary reserve and VenariTek's operations. You sacrifice everything, your monetary assets..... and your life. The rewards are immense, you may collect trophies for yourself as the grand prize or be a full time specimen collector for many scientific and medical institutions.You are VenariTek's newest client. Establish yourself as a hunter. Good Luck.


Your hunt will consist of new lethal specialist weapons, each very different from each other with weaknesses and strengths. All weapons are issued from VenariTek

- Berreta 92 (speedy upholstering and reload, weak)
- SIU-Tranquilizer Rifle (Standard Issue Utility Tranq gun)
- DB Shotgun (Strong, loud, has fall, slow reload)
- WA2000 (high caliber, scares everything, extreme precision)
- AR-SDS Type 09 (automatic rifle self-defense system)
- UU-LGD Bow (Universal Utility-Large Game Disabling bow; kills/sedates in one shot)
- KBAR Knife (when all ammo is gone, your last stand)

Berreta 92: Primary weapons, sidearm that will upholster quickly when out of ammo and reloads instantly, weak.

SIU Tranq Rifle: Affordable weapon with interchangeable cartridges. Best all around weapon in the hands of a skilled hunter.

DB Shotgun: Powerful shotgun with limited ammo and very loud. Contains heavy elements that disrupt the trajectory of projection, be conservative as ammo is not plentiful or readily available as reloading is slow.

WA2000: Pricey high caliber scoped weapon with a wood finish. Powerful but not entirely lethal, very loud.

AR SDS: Automatic rifle built for self defense against in particular, carnosaurs. Mild accuracy is due to high recoil of projectiles that are meant to remove mass tissue per shot, best for charging predators at medium-close range. Very Pricey.

UU-LGD Bow- A bow that combines the silent launching of a bow and a a plasma concentrating muzzle that will heat up the nuerotoxin for entry into the large animal's cavities. One shot sedation/kill. Combines stealth and power but limited ammo capacity. One shot per reload and an arcing projectile trajectory. Only affordable to elite hunters.

KBAR Knife: Your last resort when you are out of ammo, very lethal but close combat reaction times are needed to successfully wield this weapon. Under the right circumstances there is a chance of survival.[/spoiler]

New game challenges your strategic reasoning and coordination, each animal is very different.


All dinosaurs are imported from other areas of the planet, are held in hunting reserves. Shipments come in as ordered. Other non-game animals are fauna that are environmental "fillers" or sources of nutrients for game animals.

- Gastonia
- *Camptosaurus
- Ornistolestes
- *Argentinosaurus
- Dsungaripterus
- Pteradaustro

- Stegosaurus (dumb, unaware, large and slow target, easily available)
- Melanorosaurus (okay senses, fairly strong, mortal spot head thats far from body)
- Parasaurolphus (Most superior hearing, very high eyesight, okay smell, fast target)
- Carnotaurus (fast, medium sensitivity, medium target, very fast)
- Chasmosaurus (dangerous herbivore, kill spot at the cervical vertebrae)
- Deinonychus (perfect eyesight, superior hearing, okay smell, fast/small target)
- T-rex (generalist, difficult in every aspect, smaller kill spots, lunges)
- Giganotosaurus (superior smell, okay sight/hearing, large target, medium speed)
- Spinosaurus (poor smell, superior hearing=foot vibrations, okay sight, big,slow)

Stegosaurus: Expendable assets, draws clients in and are plentiful. Easy for beginners and rewarding sizes. Slow, dumb and cheap.

Melanorosaurus: Introductory huntable that is fairly easy to hunt due to its likliness to eat, , more exotic.

*Parasaurolophus: More exotic, challenges hunter's ability to be stealthy, strong will is needed to track and pursue each large specimen. Has the ability to see oncoming hunters with a large FOV and will flee at the sound of a footstep, prepare to carry a scoped weapon. Skilled hunters only!

Carnotaurus: Great challenge for hunters who want to get their feet wet in some risky and affordable predatory pursuit. Very fast sprinter but firearms can suppress this carnosaur, preferably a shotgun.

Great challenge for marksmen who prefer to use stealth to hit the sweet spot behind skull to bag a monster trophy. Beware, provoked individuals will charge, this is not an efficient way to take it down, if you do so before your demise.

Dienonychus: Relatively weak in durability but very quick in speed, intelligent possessing cautiousness and a nasty ability to pounce and puncture an amateur hunter's windpipe. Do not lose sight of this small target. Skilled hunters only!

T-rex: Most prized trophy, this creature is moderately quick and very durable. A bad combo. This compact large therapod will challenge every aspect in dinosaur hunting from pursuit to escape, ultimately collection. Close range combat may result in hunters losing half thier body! Skilled hunters only!

*Giganotosaurus: Large expensive therapod known to excessively take down sauropods, this species is too successful and is on the huntables list. More volumetric than Trex this carnivore takes no bites, this carnosaur will track you down with its large nasal cavities and make a morsel out of a hunter.

Spinosaurus: The largest of game available, medium speeds, this organism will pursue a small target such as a hunter instead of other fauna, has a nasty ability to submerge itself while swimming. Do not enter its turf.

*Dinosaurs species subject to change during development according to desired gameplay

Hunting grounds will test your skills and the more credits you earn the more better areas are unlocked which make hunting easier.

Initial maps will start with the harder difficulty, to give the harmless herbivores more advantage as well as make the player have to choose the more expensive maps to easily hunt the dinosaurs until they can get enough credits to schedule a hunt in the more comfortable areas.

Primal Fear's Team Members:
Director/Mod Operations- SurfByShootin
Master Programmer: Rexhunter99
Primary Modeling/Animation: SurfByShootin
Enviorment Creation: Bear Pigs, P.Rex
Texture Support: RaptorKlaw, Eocarcharia2006
Menus/Sounds: ibuildcircuits

Become apart of the team -> create a post describing your skills and abilities at Carnivores Saga

If there are any questions you can email me at

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Cancelled but...

News 2 comments

Primal Fear (Cancelled)

The content is available for download here:

I have some extra dinosaurs from other mods but the included Primal Fear dinosaurs (carnivores exclusively) are Deinonychus, Carnotaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus.

For the full vanilla base game you can download it here:

The high poly patch can be found here:

Choose the link 1.6.6#45 (Patch made by Rexhunter)

I have chosen to migrate my resources, story line to another engine. I am choosing the Source engine to make a story driven and heavily science fiction based first person survival experience.

The new mod is called Agendum and will have more dinosaurs with higher poly counts and human enemies as well.

Phase 1 progress

Phase 1 progress

News 1 comment

Details on modification progress and production operation. 9/2/2012

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how to download it?

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yah the links don't work on mine either.... don't know what's up with that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The links for the high poly patch and base game don't work. Is this intentional since it's an old mod? please help, i really want to download the patch!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

can you set the gun in the screen so you can see it like in carnivores reborn or COD *READ AND RESPOND PLZ* thnx

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There Spinosaurus .3df download?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have stopped playing carnivores years ago, this mod from what i can see will put it back on my laptop. I'll be watching this. Great work so far! looks awesome!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Looking great so far Surf. Let this be the mod that puts Carnivores back on the map.

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when can we download it?

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SurfByShootin Creator

It will be some time before the first release of the beta, which will be nothing more than just new HD models for huntables and some ambients. Maybe some weapons too.

I aim to have a first release by March. Dont count on it though.

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