Time only moves when you're thinking with portals.

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The idea of this mod is interesting but it shows how little time the development was for it, the core mechanic that attempts to replicate the game "Superhot" becomes itself the problem for the most part of it, is clearly unpolished and gets too in the way of the quick portal placement that the game seems to require, it is sometimes too inconsistent on wich situations will let you go slow or fast for example when you shoot your portals, and when you start getting hit by the shots, and if is more then 1 turret you're basically dead, since the slow mod is turned off and you have no time to react, i've suggested for him to turn on push back before.. but now i'm glad he didn't, plus, as far as i observed most of the "levolution" levels required precise steps to trigger each other leaving me more then once stuck in a empty room because i've found a "unintended" solution for the chamber and for that the "levolution" wouldn't trigger, in resume, is a good idea that unfortunately was rushed and released too early in my opinion.


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