The First World War (1914-1918) brought defeat to the three powers that had occupied Poland divided by 123 years. While Germany and Austria left defeated at war's end in 1918, in Russia the Bolshevik Revolution plunges the country into a bloody civil war since 1917. In November 1918, after more than a century of slavery, finally Poland regains its independence.
On 27 December 1918, breaks out in Poznan Polish revolt against the the Republic of Weimar, which replaced the German monarchy abolished soon the end of the Great War. The fighting took place between Polish soldiers (were once part of the Prussian military body) against the Germans, who were demoralized by defeat in war.
From late 1918 to June 1919 the Poles were involved in conflict with the Germans until the signing of the Versailles Treaty that served them ceasefire. While the Poles were at war with the People's Republic of Ukraine (1918-1918).
After winning the Ukrainians in July 1919, the Red Army of Russia now communist threat invade Poland with the purpose of releasing it from the "bourgeois government" considered counterrevolutionary.
For some members of the Russian Communist government in the Kremlin, Poland is an obstacle and should be eliminated so that there is way to socialist revolution should spread around Europe and then the world. In the same year arises the alliance between Poland and the People's Republic Ukrainian against Russian Bolshevik government.


- Second Polish Republic;

- Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Russian SFSR);

- People's Republic of Ukraine;

- Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Ukrainian SSR);

- Republic of Weimar (Germany) - available only against the Polish insurrection;

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Guest - - 699,308 comments

there are no files!

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znajomy630 - - 2 comments

I am a Dutchman living in Poland. You will have great problems with this mod. Read about the Volyn Genocide of 1943. Ukrainians murdered all foreigners in such bestialisms from the 19th century. In 1919, the Polish-Ukrainian War broke out. The Ukrainians attacked the Polish Przemyƛl and murdered in the same torture the population of origin, each only Ukrainian. After the outbreak of WW2, the situation was repeated. In 1919, they attacked Poles when the British caused a conflict between Czechoslovakia and Poland over the disputed Zaolzie. My great-grandparents were killed by the Ukrainians during the war in the town of Kolomyia. They stripped him of skin. Three thousand Dutch civilians were killed in Kolomyia. They were workers. There was a Polish oil basin there. Ukrainian murderers are a satanic and criminal religious heresy that has been going on since the mid-nineteenth century. They murder foreigners in ritual torture. These criminal heretics are exactly the population of Western Ukraine and their church is the local Uniate Orthodox church. Ukrainian clerics what they did not despise, chopped with axes. First of all, the Austrians supported them during the partitions against Poles. Then the Nazis and now the USA. The CIA has placed these Ukrainian prisoners in power in Poland since 1990. Right after the departure of the Soviets. Exactly an operation called "Aerodynamic" codename "Cartel". They occupy Poland. Separatists in Donetsk and Lugansk in Ukraine are fighting against them and all European governments are being dipped into them. The Ukrainian grandeur of France is also in the Netherlands. They penetrate my country on Polish citizenship. I see it in Poland every day. I bet that the Ukrainians pretending to be Poles are already threatening you, or write that Poland has attacked everyone. It is a pity that they are on their neighbors, being in the middle of them. It's the same as the murderous Mohammedanism financed in Europe by corporations with a flood of immigrants. Your mod is about the crimes and genocides of criminal, satanic, Ukrainian religious heresy, supported by wicked people from various tables, and the truth has not yet come to light. After the conflict in Donetsk, something came out, but it is the tip of the iceberg. Ukrainians are worse than the Nazis. This criminal heresy continues so far. The same is true for the Serbs with the Croatians. The Croatians murdered the Serbs as Ustashe in the same bestialities. Then the Yankees repeated this conflict in Yugoslavia and support Croatian Satanists, because it is also Satanism. The devils know if the CIA is not occult. The SS was and there is evidence for that. In modification, do not forget about the American pilots taking part in the defense of Warsaw in 1920.

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berk1914 - - 42 comments

poland still cannot into space

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Germany1914 Creator
Germany1914 - - 380 comments

The mod is not dead, only paralyzed. I'm already starting to work on new uniforms for the Polish, Russian and Ukrainian units. Have patience ...

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Vasikle - - 772 comments

Hi guys... yeah its complicated but still i must say in a co-modder and
im workking withe germany1914 on this one. I must say germany is working on his own mod and me on ... yes my own mod but after well make the developing group and i will be able to post i will promise to do more !

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Germany1914 Creator
Germany1914 - - 380 comments

Let's say I'm not working in any of the mods for lack of material, help and even necessary free time in my day to day.

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Vasikle - - 772 comments

Well guys iw ant to say dont loose hope, you will definetly see updates.

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Kagestorn - - 326 comments

Please! Moar!

I wish this mod comes out fast.

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Jamovitz - - 14 comments

Oh yes please :D

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Ninel - - 24 comments

Looks good! I'm eager for release

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