In an alternate timeline where the Battle of Endor did not transpire well for the Rebels, fight for power in a new war as the Black Sun Pirates, Empire, or Mandalorians. Featuring two converted factions, graphical enhancements, new nonplayable factions, GCs, and more.

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Hello again everyone. Sorry for the lack of update frequency I have been busy working on some school stuff on the side of working on the mod. This update intends on clarifying changes made regarding Kamino since the last update. I hope you all like the update.

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The false Intel of Imperial Admirals that the Emperor had lost at Endor has brought the Empire to near collapse. Their ambitions have led to a galaxy divided with many worlds unprotected as rogue warlords seize pieces for themselves. As a result, the Imperial garrison at Kamino was withdrawn to aid the Emperor in retaking Coruscant, which had attempted to gain independence. In the wake of their departure, the Kaminoans discovered an old abandoned landing platform from the Clone Wars. The location had some old vehicles and weapons present but were in need of repair. More importantly, however, there was a container of Jango Fett’s DNA amongst the site’s wreckage. Lama Su, seeing a great opportunity before him, re-initiated the cloning program and the revitalization of the platform. The platform would serve as a new headquarters for the new Kaminoan business venture: provide protection with Clones for former Imperial worlds now undefended due to civil war and provide cloned organs and body parts for medical facilities across the galaxy. Both of these policies turned out to be a lucrative with worlds already offering funds for protection and medical supplies. Now Lama Su with Taun We and their new Clone Army stand ready to expand their venture throughout the galaxy.

However, partially into the production of a new Clone Army, a mysterious imperial ship arrived in orbit. This was the ship of Zeta Magnus, who was forced off his Palace world of Rennek by the Empire of the Hand. After some time traveling the galaxy and obtaining additional supplies at Eriadu, he came in contact with a Hutt informant who spoke of a growing Clone Army in the far east at Kamino. Seizing the opportunity and running a Corellian blockade attempt at the planet, he managed to make his way to Rothana and then Kamino. In exchange for his own personal army of clone warriors and Sun Guards to retake Rennek, he provided his advanced cloning knowledge to Kaminoans regarding mobile cloning facilities and Spaarti processes. Additionally, he provided them with remaining CIS contacts in order to convince them to assist in preventing his own accelerated aging. The end result of the bargain created what the Rebel Alliance dubbed a "Neo CIS" that was winning over more extreme or abused elements of the galaxy such as Manaan and Jabiim. Further complicating matters, Czerka Corporation and Telgorn shipping, hearing of a potentially lucrative initiative, joined Rothana Engineering to supply the growing army. Will this new force grow to conquer the galaxy, or will it merely become of footnote like its two predecessors were?

Current Kamino Roster

Ground Units:

Clone Riflemen

Clone Missile Trooper

Clone Rail Trooper

TX-130 Tank

AT-XT Walker

LAAT Gunship

Space Units:

V-19 Torrent

Prototype Y-Wing

Consular-class cruiser




Taun We

Lama Su

Orun Wa

Zeta Magnus


Zian Finnis

The Crimson Aces

??? ????? (Mystery Hero)

Commandos (Minor)

Kaminoan Fleet Commander (Minor)


Clone Warriors

Sun Guard Morgukai


Kamino Landing Platform

Hypori Droid Factory

Bespin Platforms

Yavin IV Space (with destroyed Death Star now)

P.S. Two additional playable factions are hinted at in the new text.


Excellent update, Falkenhayn! Looking forward to the next installment!

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Awesome, been waiting for this update! How far along is all this? Do you think it'll be ready anytime soon, or will it be a while? Either way I'm super excited!

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Falkenhayn Author

It progresses but slowly. To give an idea the vehicles in both space and land are done. The GC is also being modified a bit but that is planned to be more of an experiment/surprise. Also I got a little sidetracked and did a little work for each of the 3 other factions (nothing too major just some tests/concepts). Also as always I don't give release dates only because things can come up and change. In Kamninos case this is the third or fourth incarnation of the faction (do not worry the fact it is in this updated announcement means outside of maybe 1 unit or 2 added later it is basically set in stone)

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Can be played faction?

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Falkenhayn Author

Yes. Kamino will be one of 4 planned playable factions in IG-88 Rising in addition to the games base 3.It will also be the first to be released.

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