Russia have annexed all Ukraine and is invading Poland. Part III is a mission mod based on the red rising mod where you will control Russia, USA, Poland, France and more countries


p.s : this mod is based on Red Rising mod, i didn't create it or anyhting, i'm just a fan of it and decided to do a single player missions mod
i worked on mission 1 and released it, next one's is coming soon !

MISSION 1 : THE START : you are in control of a small polsih army in a city that is being attacked, you have to hold it until the evacuation is done and until german-french troops arrive in a base nearby.

note that i am not an expert in gem editor i have only started using it few months ago, i like to make scenarios in my free time after high school and i wanted to share them :)

i plan on releasing the mission in 1-2 weeks from now cause i've been having alot of work to do. In the meantime feel free to ask me anything related to the mod :) - YZ-31

yes i did do the mission on the normandy map, i'm sorry i didn't have time to create a whole map...

thanks to kanadaka for the flames :)

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I am stoping...


hey guys, i have to stop working on the mod, because i have a lot of study to do, i'm in the middle of a busy year and plus i just haven't found any stories or scenarios i can create i'm sorry...

i hope you have a great day - YZ-31

AtheistDane - - 52 comments

Where can I find the version of Red Rising that this mission needs?

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yz31 Creator
yz31 - - 5 comments

Hello the version is on their facebook page, the link is in the about tab of the page :)

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TheGiles14 - - 656 comments

Very interesting Mod cant wait to see what you offer!

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yz31 Creator
yz31 - - 5 comments

Thanks ;) ! i hope you won't be dissapointed !

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