Overlordess is an unusual mod pitching one team against a powerful individual. The latter's strength lies in the ability to lay traps for any unsuspecting enemy as well as to wipe out all who oppose her in direct combat. The modification is based around two stage gameplay – stage one being a trap-evasion challenge and stage two a direct confrontation with the omnipotent player.

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Overlordess mod announcement with a couple of renders and a long gameplay video.

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Here we are. I believe that every single reader is like „Huh?” at the moment which is quite understandable, as I wouldn't expect more than 20-30 people on Earth to recognise the title, probably more as the news is about 24 hours late now. So, carry on reading :).

Overlordess is a HL2 mod currently in alpha state (playable, fun but lacking content). It's set in a world not-so-far-away-from-now ruled by an authoritarian woman. As it would take tens of pages to describe the setting I will skip that and get down to the gameplay. There are two teams, one is the Ov herself and the other is a group of rebels whose missions is to reach her and obliterate. However, before that can happen this strike force has to travel through a whole facility, while our antagonist/protagonist sets up traps in their way designed to inflict as much damage as possible before they reach their goal or, in rare cases, eliminate all of them. However, once the Overlordess is reached a final battle takes place during which the rebel forces are forced to take her down and that task is far from being easy as well as its difficulty largely depends on general performance of each team. Once one of the side loses the round repeats and teams are shuffled.

This is a brief and vague description of the whole gameplay which incorporates numerous gameplay features to maintain the fun factor. Our full summary also includes more information and a feature list. Here we present some gameplay footage from Ov perspective, do note the abundance of stock models. Generally speaking it's an alpha version with stable and rather balanced gameplay but lacks custom content. Some basic explanation beneath the vid as it may prove to be too confusing :).

Most of the video is in the "Overlordess view" which is accessed by using a console and that's the perspective in which the player will spend most of their time. The below part is a menu for enabling static traps, switching between module lists and between cameras, while clicking anywhere on the screen brings up a dynamic trap menu. From there we select our trap, rotate it and place it. The general objective is to weaken the rebels, as every spawn decreases the spawned player's health and max ammo, plus the total number of respawns is limited. The last part is an FPS-style battle between both sides.

In addition, here are some renders of two different traps in the mod, along with a rather extraordinary weapon render (all of them WIPs in one way or another).

Revolver render Dynamic traps rendersDynamic traps renders

Of course we could also use some help, and therefore if you are keen to get involved currently we will surely accept (contact details below):

A Concept Artist
We are looking for a skilled person who would be able to draw characters and/or world props. Please provide previous artworks if you are interested. We are looking for a responsible individual with spare time to invest into the mod. In return we offer a kind and productive team and a wide range of creativity - despite some basic guidelines we are open to new ideas and will not restrict your own interpretation.

A Texture Artist
And yet again, we would surely be happy to accept a skilled texture artist into our ranks to create textures for traps, props and brushes. Examples of those previously made will be required. What we are looking for is a soul capable of spending reasonable amount of time on the modification's textures and yet again, despite some basic guidelines and theme restrictions, we will not suppress your own creativity.

If you are interested you can send a private message with information concerning your experience (if relevant) and examples of previous work, you will surely get a response.

With this announcement we would like to express our gratitude to following people:
NLucky-7 for his early model & texture contributions!
Our incredible testing team: DMK Gman, Crimson, Zane, Gripper4Dead aka Xuno, Averros, Richy Gorgan, The Paladin, The Jok3r. Without their help the mod would have never been what it is now. :)

Stay tuned for future, but rather sporadic, news.


This is a really interesting concept, I look forward to trying it out.

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Looks like a good start, gave me a good laugh ^^

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Looking good so far. Looks kinda like Zombie Master with boss fight :P

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Very nice, i like the idea.

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