Orion: Ground Zero is a 2-player coop altered melee map featuring 6 unique subfactions to choose from to go up against 6 Zerg Broods, each with their own techtree and specialties. The objective of the map is to gather an amount of Crimson Minerals and destroy sufficient enemy Broods. In order to do this, you have to keep a balance between offense and defense, take advantage of control points, know when to call in support powers to aid you and secure strategic areas in the map to hold the enemy off more efficiently.

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Orion: Ground Zero has just been patched! A lot of things have been fixed and improved!

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Orion: Ground Zero has just been patched! A lot of things have been fixed and improved!

How to not defend Defenses breached
Prospectors' Syndicate securing the perimeter Cooperatively defending the base from attacks


- All Vespene Geysers are now properly builtable on.
- Lava now rises/lowers over 0.5 seconds (down from 4) when a surge occurs.This should greatly reduce lag and its duration.
- Pathing has been greatly changed; a lot of doodads now lack colission and few aerial pathing blockers have been removed.
- Thick Fog density has been decreased and nighttime is now less dark, for better visibility of units in-game.

Control Points

- Control Points now change every 6 minutes (up from 4).
- The efficiency of all Control Point effects has been increased, so that they have a larger impact.
- Regeneration Penalty now also decreases max life, energy and shields.
- Damage Leech no longer returns shields.
- The Control Points located at the home base and north expansion have been moved to the south expansions.


- Select All Warpgates hotkey changed to W (from Shift+W).
- All flying Terran buildings now properly use flying pathing.
- Bounty Hunt hotkey has been changed to S (from W).
- Warpsphere hotkey has been changed to A (from W).
- Trade hotkeys have been changed to R and T (from Q and W).

Omega Division:
- Psionic Obliterators and Siege Tanks sharing selection alias has been fixed.

Templar Conclave:
- Ballistae no longer deal splash damage to friendly units.
- Stalkers' Wind Walk hotkey changed to D (from W).
- Twilight Templar training hotkey changed to X (from W).

Disruptors' Psionic Shield:
- Damage increased to 10/sec (up from 4/sec).
- Radius increased to 3 (up from 2).
- Radius now properly extends by the target's radius, so that the ability properly damages adjacent units.
- No longer damages allied units.

Marked of the Xel'naga:
- Phos of Argos' Warpout hotkey changed to T (from W).
- War Strider training hotkey changed to R (from W).


- Zergling attack priority has been increased to 20 (up from 19), now making them an equal threat to Hydralisks and Roaches.

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