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This mod is being made for those who love stargate and would like an rpg game from it, it is not a total conversion, but just a small mod which adds the ability to travel to different worlds through a stargate placed somewhere in Cyrodill.

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Heres just a list of all the major things that will be in the mod, I will try and keep it short but, well if youve seen my previous posts you know that wont be happening. This list also has whats been finished so far, marked with a [X] before it, anything to be done will have a [O] next to it.

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Heres just a list of all the major things that will be in the mod, I will try and keep it short but, well if youve seen my previous posts you know that wont be happening.

This list also has whats been finished so far, marked with a [X] before it, anything to be done will have a [O] next to it. Anything specific you would like to see screens of or more info on whats being done with it then either comment or PM me, I will answer everything best I can.

[X] Models (Majority now complete)
[0] Texturing (some testing but none finished yet)
[0] Implementation (started)
[0] Stargate scripts (learning but may need help here)
[0] New World (one will be in the first release)
[0] NPC's (including new creatures and enemies, some allies too)

[0] Expansion Worlds (these will be released one at a time and will not require any of the others, just the base of the mod as it has all the models etc and will be the biggest download).

Doctor Who Expansion:-
[X] Tardis (several interiors and exteriors have been modelled and roughly textured)
[0] Implementation (Not beginning till Stargate is finished)
[X] NPC's (Daleks modelled, Sontarans are being worked on and Cybermen are being redesigned slightly as I am not happy trying the current series design)
[0] Misc Items (Sonic Screwdriver, weapons, armour/clothing, etc being worked on)

The Doctor Who expansion will only require the base Stargate mod as it will be used as an alternate way to travel and also a portable player home. Patches will then be released alongside the release of new planets for the other expansions as well as the new stargate worlds which will allow travel to them, this will make installation tricky but I will make it as simple as I can.

Star Wars Expansion:-
[0] Models/texturing (many being worked on currently)
[0] NPC's (Simple enough, mostly human but may introduce other species if I learn how to do it properly)
[0] Worlds (several will be added after the first one, this will work similar to the stargate new worlds but will require both Stargate Base and Star Wars Expansion)

This Expansion will be very large since it will require a lot of models and sounds, almost as much as the Stargate section of the mod. There are several mods already out for Star Wars things in Oblivion such as lightsabres and force powers, so because of this I am not going to do that part, instead I will ignore the Jedi/Sith aspect of Star Wars and just link you to the mods for those parts should you want them.

Battlestar Galactica Expansion:-
[X] Models/texturing (not much here so it didnt take long)
[0] Implementation (this will be done like the other expansions, after the originial Stargate version is complete)
[0] NPC's (Only human and maybe cylons if I get the models rigged to skeletons etc)

The Battlestar Galactica Expansion will be the smallest/simplest of them, it will simply be one planet which you can only get to by TARDIS or spaceship travel, in orbit above the planet will be the Colonial fleet, highly damaged and surrounded by Cylon Base Stars. You board the ship you wish to ally yourself with (depending on your choice of travel of course, a popup will ask you if you wish to travel to the Cylons or Colonials telling you that who you choose will be your ally afterwards.
This expansion will require Stargate Basic, Doctor Who Exp and the Starship Exp.

Starship Expansion:-
[X] Models/texturing (Almost complete)
[0] Implementation (Can only be done after Stargate Basic is complete)

This expansion will be joined into the whole mod, all expansions too, it will allow travel to a shipyard world, inhabited by every race in the mod (Goa'uld, Ancient, Cylon, Colonial, Sontaran etc). At this shipyard you can bring certain ship parts collected through quests in the Stargate section of the mod, depending on your personal preference you can go to the representative for the race you want to buy a ship from, the parts you collect will be taken and used to repair an old ship fo you to keep, each race will have multiple ships to choose from. Several versions will be released, one for Stargate Basic, and one for each of the expansions, more detailed instructions on installation will be given on release.

Operation Stargate Advanced:-
[0] Stargate Basic
[0] Star Wars Expansion
[0] Doctor Who Expansion
[0] Battlestar Galactica Expansion
[0] Starship Expansion
[0] New Worlds Expansion
[0] Mystery Expansion

This version of the mod, as you can see, will contain every piece of the mod when it is complete, this is to let people to download it all in one go, and install it in one go too. I will take each checklist in this news post and re-build the description of the mod with them so you can see what stage the mod is currently at, instead of a [0] or [X] I will place the rough percentage of how much has been done. This will also help me keep track of what I have to do next. If I end up moving to New Vegas when it comes out I will use the same basic ideas for it so the mod will pretty much be the same on both games but New Vegas will have much better technology and a closer to the series way of using the Stargate.

Anyway, sorry the post is long yet again but I like to keep people up to date with everything that is going on even though most of the people watching this mod seem to be ignoring it entirely when I post anything. But I will only post another news post once I have more screenshots up of the new models and maybe of them in-game too if I get the first stage of implementation done soon. When I get round to it I may create a proper video trailer when I have enough to show in-game, like the gate dialing etc.


No need to apologize for the long post. I like the fact that you're keeping us up-to-date. In fact, I commend you for it! This is by far going to be my favorite mod I have ever played! Hope to hear from you again soon!

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neronix17 Author

You will hear again soon dont worry! Im going to be posting another news at some point in the near future detailing the Starship Expansion! Along with some tasty renders of the ships you will be able to choose from... Hopefully that one will be short on text, full on images haha.

On another note Im currently playing around with the Stargate system, trying to figure out how Im going to make it work, hoping the end product will be activating the dhd, then having a menu the same as the birthsign choice come up with a list of the planets, a description of the each world when you choose it, along with a small picture of a landmark or something recognisable from the planet (like an ancient control tower or landed goa'uld hatak for example, maybe even just a nice view.).

Anyway, point is Im only testing it by placing a gate in the location the oblivion gate for the story will be, then having it lead to several different large rooms so i can test multiple locations and travelling between them etc, meaning nothing big will be in it but maybe a few little teasers so I can release it as a mini-mod for you to play with soon (roughly in a months time).

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how big can we expect this to be when its finished?

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neronix17 Author

If you mean file size then I havent got a clue, well over 100MB anyway, and thats without the mass of textures I will need to use.

On the other hand if you mean in-game size then I have a rough idea, probably the size of cyrodil, but split into 10-15 planets, maybe more.
Although there wont be nearly as much quests, not to begin with anyway, The first stage is just getting all the main file done, everything after that will separate add-ons which you can choose what you want. For example if I add asgard, goa'uld and tollan planets in a file each, and someone doesnt want goa'uld, then you dont need to download that one but the other 2 will still work fine. That should reduce the file size a bit at least.

Also the Doctor Who, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and spaceship expansion are all going to be optional too.

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I wish this one to survive, looks very promising. :)

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neronix17 Author

Survived 3 years already, think it will manage a till the end, put too much effort into the work thats done to stop now.

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hopefully it will survive and all the expansions will... well atleast the ones i want :P

and i can imagine this (from what i've seen and what i expect) being roughly 300-400 MB with expansions

also this will be EPIC!!!!!

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i must admit, everything about this site is cluttered and raither bleak.
but your mods are plenty/over plenty to make up for those flaws.

I as well study computer related subjects.
just getting there though, still in high school/one year to go.

A mod like this should be considered a game in its own right.
Oblivion would be crushed by its awe!
anyway point is, i would like to know how to contact you/so i can keep up with your mods/whatever else you make.....yes thats how much this impressed me.

i like starwars,stargate,startrek i must agree with you-sucks,and last but not least the legend of the seeker movies-by your name i pressume you watch them as well?

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neronix17 Author

Would have been better to PM me but lucky for you I randomly check old news post comments haha, just click "watch this mod" on the right in the profile box thing to get updates, really cant make a website like this with so much content much simpler than it already it.

Im sorry but Im not going to make a private list of people to email whenever I do something, when my website is complete Im going to have a small area of it dedicated to this mod and the version for New Vegas, which will have the option to sing up for a simple newsletter but till then you will have to put up with using ModDB. Thanks for the nice compliments by the way :)

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