Mars based Battlefield 2 full conversion MOD. Planned Short 6-8 month development cycle. Objective: Create a fun, fast paced but challenging Flight based FPS which will allow players to participate in large terrain battles with fast small ships requiring team work and communication. Game modes: Team King of the hill primarily for the first several builds. Details: 3 factions and 9 ships total are in development with each faction also having a compliment of statics. Maps: Large 4sq km maps based on real satellite imagery from Mars. Terrain will allow large scale ship based engagements.

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Pre-release beta testing now open to public. please drop by our site and our server for some high paced fragging action. All vehicles no infantry 4 square km. 32 player maps.

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Alot has been added in the past month or so...thought i would drop by and let you guys know how its going...

please drop by the new site or download the pre-release beta and help us do some testing...

this testing is open to all...feel free to hop in some time when people are on the server.

full public release is scheduled for this friday July 26th.

Change Log.

-added more wreck effects

-added smoke to land vehicles

-added radar to medium class ships

-added repair ability to marines containers

-added tempest skin

-updated grizzly

-updated tempest

-updated vulture

-tweaked wyvern

-increased velocity on several weapons

-increased ground based AA velocity to make them not useless

-fixed lighting on all maps.

-added gunner huds to tempest and vulture

-tweaked ammo loadout and configs

-reduced ground based AA heat penalty

-removed duplicate marines containers

-increased grizzly tank shell velocity and damage

-added ambient sounds to libya montes

-tweaked vulture missiles same as tempest

-optimized all maps to 32 player layouts

-attempted to separate vehicle spawns into groups where possible

-fixed various lightmap issues

-increased drop height of supply drop to 500m

-removed all kit repairing ability

-attempted to remove all non vehicle spawns

-attempted to balance vehicle spawn times

-increased wrecks time to live (look nice on battlefield)

-attempted to add zoom to grizzly cannon (failed)
Known issues

- Aeilios Mensa. surrounding terrain around toshida main is fecked

- Candor chasma - 2 marine ships spawn and fall into a hole

- some remaining light issues
We want to aim for show stopper problems and forget about minor bugs for now.
cheers gentlemen

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