Mars based Battlefield 2 full conversion MOD. Planned Short 6-8 month development cycle. Objective: Create a fun, fast paced but challenging Flight based FPS which will allow players to participate in large terrain battles with fast small ships requiring team work and communication. Game modes: Team King of the hill primarily for the first several builds. Details: 3 factions and 9 ships total are in development with each faction also having a compliment of statics. Maps: Large 4sq km maps based on real satellite imagery from Mars. Terrain will allow large scale ship based engagements.

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Martian news net: Colonial Marines up stakes with Toshida corps. Colonists wonder what the future holds.Operations underway in the contracted territories.....

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---begin message---

Attn: Outpost 14 Colonial Marines Corps

Subject: Emergency follow up to intelligence data. <Assigned:  12:455>

Hi Matt, Hope you guys are all doing well there out in the Valles. I know it gets pretty frinkin dusty and with not much to do I'm sure your guys would rather be anywhere else but there.

Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

You and your team have been authourized to deploy to a suspected Mason's facility North of your present location in the vacinity of Candor Chasma.The location is thought to be recently abandoned an no unknown elements are thought to be present.

Your full compliment of 16 flitters should be deployed. Our satellites will be giving us a detailed image of the location within the next few hours. Your team should be ready to deploy when we get that data and interpret the images.

Here is some locational data for the time being.
Colonial marines operational map

So, the bad news. We learned of this location via an undercover agent we have inside Toshida Corps. They will also be deploying forces to the location in hopes of gaining intelligence regarding the mason's organization. The location lies just on the edge of the contracted territories. Our deployment will be seen as an act of aggresion by Toshida Corps.

We expect Toshida corps will seek to engage our forces. Your team's objective is to take the facility and hold it against Toshida corps forces. We don't expect them to deploy anything heavy but they are sure to try throw as much as they can at us once they realize we are headed there as well. We need to get as much intelligence about the Mason's before things get worse so we just can't afford to let Toshida have this one.

That's all we have for now. Suggest you knock the dust out of your boots, ready your flitters and get your fire teams setup.

It's going to be a busy day. Best of luck.

---end mesage---

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