Welcome to the Nuclear Races! NR is all about racing Redeemers or anyother weapons you wish. Players race through custom maps while avoiding eachother. You can choose to disable killing to allow players to race without blowing eachother up, or take the hard route and try to race without getting blown up! Some maps are filled with checkpoints which teleport the player to them once their Redeemer missle or other projectile touches it (unless of course they are riding the missle like with Strangelove.) Other maps are a more get to the end without crashing style and lack checkpoints. A typical race starts once enough players have stepped onto the starting line. The countdown starts when there are enough players ready (about half the current amount of players.) The countdown counts down from 10 and then the race begins! If the map has checkpoints, then players race arround hitting checkpoints until they reach the checkered flag. The checkered flag gives out points...

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Supported mods for Nuclear Races so far: Bat Wings Climber or Grappling Hook Quantum FighterJets Gravity Pulse MatrixMoves HenryUT HoverBat (singleplayer only) Nemesis Venom-X/Wings PortalGun Redeemer RocketX Rosebum Cars Strangelove Translocator Unreal Apache

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Status of supported mods (7-2012)

Bat Wings
Status: Works.
Versions tested: HellHouseT1
Description: Gives players wings to allow them to slowly descend. Wings appear when Jump is pressed.

Climber or Grappling Hook
Status: Pretty much works.
Versions tested: Climber2000BETA1, GrapHook2
Description: Shoots a projectile that hooks onto a wall and then pulls a player to it.

Quantum FighterJets
Status: Does not fully work.
Versions tested: EK_Map_Pack
Description: Ridable Warshell that can shoot rockets.
Issues: Players get stuck in the air after finishing a race.

Gravity Pulse?
Status: Works for as much as I can tell.
Versions tested: GravPulse
Description: Only part I figured out was the alt-fire. Basically it allows you to drag a person behind you.

HenryUT HoverBat
Status: Works in singleplayer ONLY.
Versions tested: HenryHouseUT
Description: Ground-based vehicle with no network support.
Possible Issues: Does not work online and has no mutator. (Unfinished and abandoned mod.)

Status: Works completely
Versions to test: Matrix MovesBeta4
Description: Enhanced player movements.
Possible Issues: Only works for a select few player classes.

Nemesis Venom-X/Wings
Status: Does not fully work.
Versions tested: NemesisWINGSvXdxs
Description: Enhanced RocketX.
Issues: Players get stuck in the air after finishing a lap.

Status: Works but may be considered cheating.
Versions tested: PortalGunV2
Description: Shoots two portals that act as teleporters.
Issues: Easy way to cheat the race.

Status: WORKS 100%
Versions tested: WarheadLauncher
Description: Since the default Redeemer works, most custom ones should as well.

Status: Works just like SLV, but with more log errors.
Versions tested: RocketX3F
Description: Like Strangelove but more options/weapons while flying.
Possible Issues: Has log errors whenever NR destroys it. (RocketX's fault)

Rosebum Cars
Status: Works good enough.
Versions tested: RoseBumCars
Description: Like Strangelove but a car.
Possible Issues: Players keep their car when finishing a race. (May not really be a big deal.)

Status: WORKS 100%
Versions tested: SLV202R1, SLV203, SLV203XM, SLV204, SLV204XM, SLV205
Description: Players fly on nuclear rockets.

Status: Works but may be considered cheating.
Versions tested: Translocator
Description: Default Translocator
More Info: NR prevents players from cheating on the start of the race by destroying all translocator targets. Players are still able to cheat on races with multiple laps, though.

Unreal Apache
Status: Works great, assuming you play it on big maps.
Versions tested: UnrealApacheV2
Description: Drivable helicopter with different on-board weapons.
Possible Issues: Players keep their helicopter when finishing a race. (May not really be a big deal.)

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