No Jump is a Portal mod which tries to change from the usual by making you think with or without Portal and most of all without jumping. You also change of location! Say goodbye to your favorite Aperture Lab and visit a new location before the GlaDOS incident. Also, play with new gameplay mechanic and unusual tests chambers.

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Hello everyone. I've talked about it in the last INSIDE POST, I need your help to make No Jump! If you are working with Hammer and the Source engine, you may be able to help us! We need maps for the mod, and to speed up the process we've decided to let the community helps us. Also, we are looking for beta testers. So if you are interested in playing the game early, you may also want to take a look at this article!

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Today I open the registration to participate in the development of No Jump!
If you are a level designer or a beta tester, well, you are on the right page.

If you are a level designer:

I would like you to have some experience with making maps for the Source engine. Not usually on Portal, but with Hammer in general. I want you to make a test chamber, hard enough not to be solved under a minute, but not too hard to make the game not fun.
Also, you must keep in mind the player can't jump! You can include the portal gun, of course, and you can use new gameplay elements.
I don't have assets for you to use as a laser, but you can add lasers, for example, like in Portal 2 if you know how to make them! You can even use custom gameplay elements if you want.
Just keep the original atmosphere of Portal and Aperture Laboratories labs. I don't want the game to become like Blue Portal, as much as I love this mod.
But I'm not forcing you to use the same assets as the original game. If you want your test to take place in a forest, you can. Just make the landscape look like a movie set! And make sure it's not too disorienting for the player.
You can make lab rats hide spot but they not be included in the final game.
Also, if you have a question on the story of the game or anything related to the story, location, please, e-mail me at
When you have made your maps, please, fill this form and upload them with the button at the end of the form!
Link to the form ▶

If you are a beta tester:

I don't wait for you to be a professional beta tester. I need you to go through all the test, record yourself (the game, not you in person)if you can and if you want and return your thoughts on the game. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the game fun?
  • Is the game hard enough/ too hard?
  • Is the game logic?

When we will have enough gameplay to test, I will make a beta build of the game. I will then send you an e-mail, with a link to download the game and another link to a form where you will be able to let us know the problem you found with the game.
If you want to record your gameplay, please, do not make the video available to the public FOR THE MOMENT. If you publish the video on YouTube, add the No Jump address e-mail to let us the access. No Jump e-mail address:
Link to the form ▶

Thank you.

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