In Nightmare House 2 you wake up inside an abandoned hospital with no understanding of how you came to be there, only a vague memory of the girl from Nightmare House haunts you. Soon it will be difficult to determine between a dream and reality. How long will it take you to realize that escape is not an option?

ChrisGjundson says

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It's honestly baffling how people enjoy this. I can understand maybe in the child stages of Half Life 2 Modding this would be revolutionary and terrifying, but it's honestly just a mess of mediocre combat and ****** forced jumpscares. The atmosphere is eh and the story is eh. The thing that killed this mod for me was the complete lack of care when it came to creating REAL tension and scares. They were mostly, if not completely, cheap startles akin to a garry's mod horror map pack.

Would not recommend unless you like being jumpscared every minute or so.

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Awesome nightmare feeling! Better than FEAR or other horror shooter. One of the best, or the best mod in 2010.

Nov 20 2010 by cW#Ravenblood