I have read through countless works from both ends of the spectrum – from mythology to science, Lovecraft to Shulgin. I am increasingly certain that these phenomena lie somewhere in a realm as yet unaccounted for: the strange place where fact and fiction meet, and a new reality comes into fruition.

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An interesting little mod and as others have mentioned, much like “Dear Esther”,
I got the same sense of loneliness and unease travelling through both of these, even though “Nestlings” is so much smaller. Just a house, albeit a creepy one!
But I took my time reading the notes while listening to some wonderful musical accompaniment and was rewarded with an deeply emotional journey. With the gloomy setting and self-narration it all adds up to an emotionally charged ending.
Loved this piece of work, just wish the musical score was a tad longer as I read the notes, maybe too slowly!
Only one complaint: I found the hand-written font a little hard to read at times, breaking the flow of the narrative a bit. Just a minor thing!


Art 2016:
Classical music
Walk and "USE"
Some 0815 "emotional" story

This is absolute non-art for hipsters.

I'm not sure this one was worth the download. The setup and the house are pretty creepy, and the music is decent enough that the overall house feels solid.

At the same time, I was expecting something a bit more at the end... I was tensing up expecting something, but nothing came.

This, overall, is what made the game feel shorter than it should have been.'

The font of the letters was very hard to read, too, with every 'T' looking like an 'R'

liked the music, but it felt too short, but if you enjoy reading random notes scattered around a creepy empty house, then this is a pleasure, that is if you manage to understand all of what's written due to the handwriting.



Good story, good musics. Best for the 3 days of work!
I wish you could spend 3 months and bring us a unique experience.


An well executed thriller, with an atmosphere that will crush lungs.


nakina says

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I gave it an 8 because It was so short and there weren't any enemies even though I expected them at any moment but it still scared the hell outta me when I went to the attic <---spoiler :)


get8p says

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I definitely not download this to READ instead of play.


Satiam says

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