This is an expansion of the classic Star Trek:Armada completed many years ago by me but never released to the greater public... Because of my lack of forethought at the time this little page is to try and root out the forgotten origins of the models and sundry used in my mod so that it might be unleashed upon a most probably indifferent public! Without further ado, here is my Armada Expansion! Summary: EXPANDED - Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Borg; ADDED - (to superside) - Gorn, Ferengi and Dominion Hundreds of ships and it's been "ready" for years... Now for the readme! ^_^

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Incoming transmission... Subspace frequency open and available... please standby for decryption... accessing... *beep*

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G'day folks!

This is an attempt to bring my mod up to scratch so that it can be released into the wild.

To give you a clue of how clueless I was when I originally finished this mod (February 2005) here is the ReadMe that I included, most probably as an afterthought.

Congratulations on your downloading of "the C.O's Armada Expansion"I've "taken apart" several existing mods,

Thanks to the team behind the nemesis project and the mith-multi-race-replacer, also to all the other people who's names I should've written down so I could thank them here but forgot to...

and special thanks to "seven is mine" your Yamato class mod was a real fav.
If you see your own work in this and I haven't mentioned you here (which is most likely)
then please consider yourself thanked!

I've expanded the 4 original races (feds, roms, klings & Borg) and in super side you get a few extra construction ships (dominion, gorn & Ferengi), I've mainly concentrated on the feds (coz there the fav!) and the addition of a "cannon cruiser" to each of the Fab 4's reputwar has made things interesting.

Also one thing im rather proud of... most of the ships are to scale, as in to scale as they would be in the "Star Trek" universe, yep the "Star Trek Fact Files" came in handy.

I was lazy with the tech trees when i did this so best gameplay is had with "free tech".

There are no known bugs~Any bugs that i missed or whatever mailto: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The C.O,
Brotherhood of yellow

Yes, it's shocking, I know.

Not only have I changed my internet alias to "Nathanius" (and the other members of the Brotherhood moved on to Beijing as a professional Chef or signed up to the RAAF) I have also learned that readme's are there for more than just installation instructions.

So, here we are gentle-people, if there's any models which I can't trace for credit on my own it will be going up here!

With any luck my 1.0 (plus real Readme) will be gracing ModDB before too long!



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