"Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress" is a 12-1/2 year long project for the BUILD-engine title "Duke Nukem 3D", though not all of those years had progress due to HDD failures destroying older versions. It is hard to put this mod into anything like a one-line summary, as it can't do the feature list here justice. :P One of the chief features of NR is the RPG-style mechanics mixed with traditional style FPS gaming, such as having improvable stats for Health/Armor/Attack/Defense/Speed, and being able to level up. Other elements include an extended inventory system to carry lots of items. Status buffs/ailments are present as well. But the most important feature of the RPG-style system is by far the multiple-character system. Unlike Hexen and it's ilk where you choose one character to use for the entire game, in NR you find new characters and increase the size of your group and can switch between them at will. (More can be seen in the Description >.>)

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The trash mod of DN3D. We saw what a clusterfuck of a mod that is Aeons of Death for Hexen, this is basically the DN3D equivalent. You actually got a storyline here though but its really just the lamest thing you could think of with some lame voice acting to top it off.

The gameplay is where it really hits the fan so to speak. Tons of baggage that was added that seemed almost as an afterthought, unbalanced classes (that don't really change much except for Busby that can jump high and fall far), whom are very unoriginal you got 2 useless boss characters that can't jump (a 10 yr old kid & just 2 new characters) and everyone still has the same health and weapons.

Some weapons that seem to be powerful but don't actually do much damage like the mini-rocket chaingun or the rocket launcher, while others (like the shrink ray) allow for the classic instant kill.

You get like 3 pickups off each enemy, which prevents you from knowing what 2 of those pickups are as their notification gets instantly replaced by the last one you got. You pickup way to much health boosters and damage boosters to you end up having a pretty easy time throughout the game.

The lives system seems arbitrary, nothing happens when you lose a life. It just says in text at the top of the screen with a little sound to go with it... I dunno about you, but that seems kind of superfluous element to take from arcades. We have moved on from that old system because it doesn't serve any other purpose that the save system doesn't already do.

Enemies randomly get invincibility (yeah nobody in their right mind would add that to a RPG unless it had some very noticable special effect that goes along with it). Instead we just get a little text notification after their invincibility wears off. So you waste all that ammo and after getting the "reflected damage".

You can collect posters... yay? You gib everyone all the time.. don't know why but you get to listen to the same lines over and over.


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