"Naferia's Reign: Invasion of the Dark Mistress" is a 12-1/2 year long project for the BUILD-engine title "Duke Nukem 3D", though not all of those years had progress due to HDD failures destroying older versions. It is hard to put this mod into anything like a one-line summary, as it can't do the feature list here justice. :P One of the chief features of NR is the RPG-style mechanics mixed with traditional style FPS gaming, such as having improvable stats for Health/Armor/Attack/Defense/Speed, and being able to level up. Other elements include an extended inventory system to carry lots of items. Status buffs/ailments are present as well. But the most important feature of the RPG-style system is by far the multiple-character system. Unlike Hexen and it's ilk where you choose one character to use for the entire game, in NR you find new characters and increase the size of your group and can switch between them at will. (More can be seen in the Description >.>)

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Ohai guys. I figure I'd let you that after 15 months of a combination of life problems and getting a new laptop and getting more games than I've had in most of my life and wasting my time on them, I have finally gotten enough [meagerly enough] content added for a new NR release. It's primarily an update to the UI but some balance changes are added now.

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* CHANGELOG *=SINCE 5.20=+ Bug Fixes: Damage amounts no longer risk overflowing when using combinations of very powerful items or the 1000x damage cheat.+ Items: Charm Shoes, Happy Shoes and Style Shoes have been nerfed to be not so broken over long playthroughs.+ Displays/UI: A ton of changes have been made for the UI with more dynamic displays for certain stats which will only show when necessary now. FA and AB are now linked together with HP and AP instead of being seperate and no longer use their own bars. Buff icons and Powerup icons are more streamlined, inventory icons on the right side of the screen are scaled down. The Damage Displays and EXP/RANK displays are also scaled down somewhat. WARM/COZY and BOSS meters are also streamlined more properly. In general, most of the stuff on the lower half of the screen is less obstructive at first than it used to be.+ Displays: Dialouge and One-liner quotes are in proper cases now to accomadate for the new lowercase font support.+ Displays: Lowercase game font added to game.+ New Permenant Boost Item: "Bloodpact Shield" added.+ Displays: Getting within usable range of Vending Machines, Health-Stations and ATM machines will print a message on the screen indicating you are able to use them and which button to press to access them.

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Hi, uhm, did I mention I work on this project?

Yeah, I didn't notice it either.

I thought you were dead by now.

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LordMisfit Author

Real life is a pain in the fraggin *** man. :(

But as we speak, 5.22 is going up... it took another 15 months for it to be ready sadly, but hopefully... hopefully I can get some steam back behind this thing again if it matters at this point. x.x

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