This mod is a scriptpackage for republic commando multiplayer called Mutators2014. With this mod/script, you can add mutators to your standart gamemodes to modify gamerules.

What is a mutator?
-A mutator is a little script package which will be loaded together with the gamemode to change or modify gamerules. Of course it only works in multiplayer. Clients don't need the package to play on the server. Its serverside only!

Following Mutators are included:


Every Player will be equiped with sniper rifles and any pickup/grenade will be removed from the map. One shot kills instant an enemy.

Every noob weapon will be replaced with non-noob weapons.

(Only in DM) Try to survive or your score will be set to 0 if you die.

If you get hurt, every second your health will be regenrated by 5 HP.

Gravity will be set to -300 on the map. Means it feels like outer space.

If you die, your corps will handle the physics in slowmotion.

Play the game super fast!

-Invisible (Only in V. 1.1)
Every Player becomes invisible so watch out!

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Version 1.1



-Fixed Instagib
-Fixed Sniper/Grenades
-Added Invisible Mutator

Follow the Introductions on the tutorial site or the readme file on how to install a mutator.
If you have questions or problems, feel free to post them or add me on some social platforms:
xfire: arceus83
skype: arceus83
steam: plasma113

How to install a mutator

How to install a mutator

Other Tutorial

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to install and/or load the game with a mutator. It is very easy, you just have to follow a few steps.

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Mutators 2014  V. 1.1

Mutators 2014 V. 1.1


Updated version: -Instagib fixed -Sniper/Grenades fixed -Invisible Mutator added Have fun guys^^

Mutators 2014

Mutators 2014

Full Version

Version 1.0 contains following mutators: LowGravity Menace GameSpeed Instagib NoNoob SlomoDeath Regenerate

All_SHREKD_UP! - - 319 comments

Doesn't really work when multiplayer has been discontinued.

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elek2008 - - 185 comments

Theres still ways to play online.

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