*MIDDLE EAST OVERHAUL, Adding Arab Israeli War as part of it's Core ... Will add, Iraq, Saudi and Iranian Conflict later. *Adding many Naval strategic straits as Strait of Gibraltar "Hormuz, Mindab, Malacca, Indonesian and Japanese Straits" *Decisions to buy foreign weapons for minors mainly from Majors "GER, ENG, SOV, USA" *Technology Tree has been limited for the minors. Why? because it does not make sense that Bhutan get to research F3 before America does! *Troop Debuffs for minors "Currently for ME nations, but will make it global soon". Why ? Because it does not make sense that Saudi Arabian troops beat the germans! ... Some minors can remove this by recruiting foreign military advisors to remove this. Siberia, Forsoma and Far Eastern Republic have been added. Focuses and Events for them will be added later. * Will try to make different technology trees for the majors. i.e. America's Fighters I and Japanese F1 will have a bit different specs."agility, speed etc." PLZ REPORT BUGS

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