wellcome commanders at the vortex of war which is a mod for generals aiming to combine all factions from ra2,ra3,c&c3;,c&c4; and about 3 tottaly new factions and adding new units for the original factions for the sake of ultimate war.

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a small brief update all about concepts and mod's future.

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hey guys :) welcome back in a new update
first of all we would like to thank you for your patience and apologize about our way too long inactivity compared to what we have used to be XD , any way this time i wrote to clarify some issues about the mod status.. basically it is not dead and wont be so until this moment but our time is too small to make any think major in the mod due to uni and RL but by the time of the summer vacation i'm expecting a havoc in its progress how ever we didn't forget it and we are preparing stuff that should be done once the vacation time so i thought about revealing some by now to give you and idea for what you should expect later on so i made this update to be concepts related
so where we are :-

1- Nod mobile stealth generator concept v3

it still has the same function as in TS but with some modifications now it can generate stealth field while moving but it cant stealth itself and it is smaller than that when in deployed mode

for history lover here are its old concepts

if you are following the mod you may remember that the second version is already made but due to some concerns about its design and if it is fitting nod or not it will be shifted to the allies as a new unit under project Zeus which will be revealed later

2- Nod attack bike

it has also seen some design changes going back close to TS design but also another reason is TW models consumes a lot of polys in a way that cant be fixed since it is compose of the bike and the biker who take most of the poly count in useless manner that is not much needed when dealing with generals engine

3- Nod specter artillery

this will be the main specter while KW one will replace CC4 one for the crawler

4- as for GDI the talons got their own predator tank now but with different role since the titan already has its job covered , now its armed with 4 small cannons and side rockets for hunting small fast enemy units that titans may not catch

also we have got many Global Confederation related stuff in hand

5- GC hover harvester redesigned

6- GC war factory

7- GC gun ship

8- GC space marine
yes GC has got the strongest well armed infantry how ever they are expensive for routine use as GC dont relay on infantry that much and the reason for that will be cover later in the story

9- GC X Artillery
fire multiple grenades to cover wide areas and can be used to clear garrisoned buildings

10 - GC stinger
just flying infantry with rocket launchers

11 - GC claw artillery
a semi-epic unit as its details will be covered latter

12 - GC support orca
used for transportation and supplying some buildings like the warfactory with materials beside some special powers roll

13- GC M.D.C. aka mobile drone command center
another experimental semi-epic unit ,its roll is more about scouting rather than direct attack
it produces mainly spy drones and some offensive variants for its own protection and small range attacks,in short it is your eye in the sky

as sporadic stuff :-
14 - Chinese Gatling Dragon
uses small shells as bullets to shred enemy tanks in to pieces , limited to tank general

15 - Chinese Gatling Heavy Truck
for infantry general it works as an APC too

16 - Egyptian Empire battle chariots
after getting destroyed the riders jumps out and treated as normal archer infantry

17 - Jap kamikaze sub-carrier
a new hybrid jap unit this time it can work as a submarine and as a small kamikaze drone aircraft carrier

18 - allies chrono harvester
yes they are going to have it one more here

also we will try to replicate ra2 cross-tech mechanics however by now im not sure if it can be done in the right way but at least as a work around you will need to capture enemy specific buildings to get the new hybrid units and these are some examples for this

19 - USA upper lord
for sure you will have to capture a Chinese warfactory to build it , it is more stronger and tougher using 2 dual barreled cannons and anti infantry - anti air rocket system ,it contains auto-repair system but dose not have any bunker or speaker add-ons and they didnt manage make this turtle move faster yet :P

20 - GLA desert raider
also gla commanders got their share from Chinese arsenal as they mounted the gattling cannons to their camels to cover their lake in tanks ,its as cheap as one gattling tank but carrier power of two with fast production system however they are treated as infantry can be easily killed specially with fire and toxins , btw any metal slug fans around here XD ?

21 -USA C.M.P. aka chrono mobile patriot battery
capture the allies battle lap and this is all yours

22 - GDI falcon attack bike
that is what happens when you lit your commanders to allie with nod ,how ever due to GDI strict protocols for forbidding Tibrium based weaponry they mounted two rail guns on its bake beside a PDL system for protection and it retains Nod bikes speed

that's all for now ,i hope that you have enjoyed it :)

stay tuned for more stuff in the faaaar future <-- just kidding XD
White_Hand - - 471 comments

Nice drawing... and OMFG they got combat camels!

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KonaTek - - 162 comments

lol, dat camel. I love metal slug.
when killed, the camel should run aimlessly... :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
UomoSurreale - - 36 comments

PLEASE do not give up and keep up.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Erydale - - 272 comments

Really nice drawings! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GDI_Commander - - 277 comments

Oh this is awesome, I would love to see the RA2 Capture system in here, that system is awesome! And these units look awesome!

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smoky10983 - - 50 comments

im glad yah are still working on this mod :)

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thejafhar Creator
thejafhar - - 1,521 comments

great draws!

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Gregthegen - - 778 comments

Thanks mina!

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sithpal - - 733 comments

love whatching the drawings go from drawings to models to full blown in game units

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thejafhar Creator
thejafhar - - 1,521 comments

awesome concepts!

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NeonGenesisEva - - 1 comments

Awesome (as usual). But i think that USA upper lord is more suitable for Global Confederation

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