Mission: Impossible - New Dawn When Major Sean Dickens’ F-15 crashes over Utah, everything looks like an accident. However, as the wreck is recovered, Dickens is gone, and with him the F-15’s deadly cargo: a new generation warhead. Ethan Hunt’s mission is clear: the warhead has to be recovered before Dickens is able to sell it, and Dickens, along with the possible buyer, a former Russian general, with unknown intentions, have to be eliminated. However, all too soon Hunt realizes that things aren’t as they seem, and suddenly finds himself right in the line of fire. In his quest to gain answers, Hunt hits upon a conspiracy that puts doubts upon the trustworthiness of his own ranks, and change everything he believed in. He has nothing to rely on. And nobody left to trust. But whoever is trying to deceive him – they have obviously forgotten with whom they have to deal… Releasedate: Out now!!! Check our Website to download!!!

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This mod has me wondering. It gives us a new storyline heavily inspired by Mission Impossible and a gun kata inspired by Equilibrium, but for every good thing theres a bad.
I never found any use for the gun kata as you just fire a few rounds around you lazily that doesn't kill anyone even if it does hit someone, so I guess thats why you have to press forward and dodge again to fire a few more rounds in arc in front you... the left and right dodge will give you a kick in your enemies face but I never found myself close to someone in a firefight.
The story was vaguely interesting but in the sense we've all seen it before, the voice acting is quite good one second & suddenly bad the next.
Theres new weapons but the SW9 while a nice silenced pistol I've been wanting, turn out to be even weaker then the Beretta. In Max Payne 2 not all weapons kill with a headshot like the Beretta (takes 2) or Ingram and the SW9 takes 4 headshot to kill someone while also having 6 less rounds than a Beretta... no thanks.
They should have made headshots stronger and gave it ultra high accuracy to make up for the smaller magazine size.
Dual Mp5k and a silenced MP5k are my favs.

The action is constant, you can't go one room without it so you really have to rely on bullet time and shoot dodges.
I sort of like the challenge and the mod has some good length.
The level design is tasty, with many things you can interact with and some goodies if you keep an eye out.
Theres action cutscenes that goes great with a banging sound track (eventhough the songs are borrowed from elsewhere.)

Theres a bug in the mod that causes the cutscene dialogue to play after you've skipped it, I don't want to hear it again and some people might not want to hear it all.
Of course there is a error in the description for the mod, where it says he relies & trusts no one, I wouldn't call that Australian friend as no one (who gives him intel).

One of the best Max Payne 2 mods ever. New weapon models and player skin - not so good, but it's doesn't matter, cause it interesting to play. Well done


A decent mod, far better than half the crap that gets posted on here anyways. While the story is a convoluted mess of cliched action movie plot twists and full of the stereotypical "evil russian general" villains, the gameplay is solid.

The environments are well designed and tons of fun to shoot people in. They are varied, ranging from a hotel to a military base to a ship. Though the weapons are still your standard Max Payne 2 weapons only with different skins, you'll still have loads of fun. They managed to add in dual MP5ks with gun katas, but of course the gun kata mechanism is nowhere near as fluid as the Hall of Mirrors mod. I can't even pull off half the moves, so it's not even worth it. The set pieces the mod has are great, you really do get the sense you're in an action movie.

If there's one thing this mod got right for sure is the style. In the cutscenes, you'll get recreated parts of Mission Impossible 2 with some intense explosions combined with the music from MI2. I never thought just watching explosions could be so fun in this dated game engine.

By far one of the worst aspects of this mod is the voice acting. The actor of Ethan Hunt sounds like a whinny 16 year old. His villainous counterparts are bearable to listen to, however still sound forced. Anyone can do a bad Russian accent.... Even worse is the fact that this mod has some audio bugs, meaning even when you SKIP cut scenes, you STILL hear the stupid audio going on as you play for a couple of minutes. Kind of annoying seeing as though I was SKIPPING for a reason. Ethan's Aussie friend is also irritating as balls to listen to.

As said before, the story is just ***. Pure and simple. A 12 year old probably wrote it after seeing too many James Bond films. Nothing makes any sense and you aren't given much reason to GIVE a rat's *** about the utterly boring and one dimensional characters.

In conclusion, this mod is definitely worth playing. Just don't expect a gripping story or much substance.

It was fun at first, plus the action sequences were plenty of fun and very destructive... but the story really got on my nerves.

Why did Ethan blast his way through his own HQ, killing dozens of his own friends and innocent security guards just to meet his boss, who didn't seem the least bit angry that he killed half the buildings staff?

Or why does Ethan kill dozens of security guards in the hotel and mock two dead men in the subway in Sidney? And why did he butcher two cops in cold blood and then go on a tirade, calling out the insanity of the big-bad's plans like he was the embodiment of good?

And how did Ethan escape a nuclear core meltdown that probably iradiated all of Halifax and killed a hundred thousand people, only to brush off his shoulders after his little dip in the water and go back to his HQ, who welcome him back in open arms after they just finished cleaning up all the bodies he left behind yesterday?

I'm sorry, but this just got me over-analyzing everything D:


Look, it can be cheesy, lame, and weird at times, but you still have to hand it to the developers for being able to make something like this. Despite the flaws, MI: New Dawn is still very solid on the action front and the levels are also well done as well. I really like that the game has some length to it as well. Yea, the voice acting and story are pretty corny, but honestly, it's still leagues ahead of most what gets posted on this site. The action is constant and consistently good all throughout. Many of the cutscene effects are also very impressive as well.

It's not perfect by any means, but the mod does what it does well and the flaws don't overshadow the positives. Yea the story is pretty forgettable, but let's be honest, this mod is really about the action, and that, it delivers on in spades. Just think about it like you would with a big dumb action movie that has a lame story, spotty acting, but awesome action scenes. At heart, that's what this mod is all about being and it does that well.

Что можно сказать? Отличный в целом мод!


A must have mod ! TOP5 of all mods, easy !

I don't suggest this mod. The guns do inconsistent amount of damage. The pistols take nearly nine shots, but the SMG you get immediately after that only takes a few. The voice actors sound like accented text to speech programs, with the exceptions of a few. The Gunkata attacks make you lose all of your bullet time, and sometimes this happens before you can actually choose your gunkata move, leading to wasted BT.

Now...onto the good. The soundtrack is great, and I assume it is all taken from the movie. The level design is really good and you can interact with most objects in the world, however this does not even begin to make up for the gameplay issues.


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