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It's been a while, but I'm having troubles getting Ingame Screenshots of Dunland and the Southern Misty Mountains. Thing is, my CS is patched to latest, but my game is not. I've tried to patch my game, but my data is corrupt, I will need to buy a new disk media. Anyway, enough excuses, I'm sure you're interested in hearing about Dunland!

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Dunland is that land located west of the southern tip of the Misty Mountains. To the north was Eregion, and then further north past the river Loudwater was Rivendell Click here to see the Dunland Region.

The newcomers, who renamed themselves Rohirrim, named the foot-hills of their western neighbours 'Dunland', the Hill Country, and its inhabitants 'Dunlendings'. For their part, the Dunlendings felt threatened by these Forgoil "Strawheads" (a demeaning reference to blond hair), although open war was not waged until the reign of Helm Hammerhand (TA 2741–2759). Freca, a lord of mixed Rohirric/Dunlending blood, tried to obtain the throne of Rohan for himself by petitioning for the marriage of his son Wulf
to the daughter of Helm. Freca was consequently killed by Helm after insulting him upon being refused, and Freca's son Wulf led the Dunlendings into open war with Rohan. They unsuccessfully besieged the Hornburg during the Long Winter of TA 2758–2759, although Wulf captured Edoras, killing Helm's son and heir. Helm's nephew Fréalaf recaptured Edoras at the end of the Long Winter and killed Wulf personally, and the Dunlendings were then driven out of Rohan

So far we have developed most of the Major City Larach Duhnnan. Dunland will consist of 30 villages/towns/outposts. One for each tribe. Dunland is not very united and quarrels often break out between rival tribes. As of late, two major factions have formed however. These are the Daen Coentis (the old ones) and the Daen Iontis (the fierce ones). The forming of the Daen Iontis is mostly the work of the religious leader of the Temple of Justice (a spy and servant of Sauron), whom has fed the fuel of hate and spite in the hearts of many Dunlendings. When you come to Dunland you soon find yourself in the middle of a cold civil war. Recently trolls have began leaving the mountains and attacking the fading Daen Coentis. It's up to you to unravel a deep and exciting mystery and bring about the old and peaceful ways of a people long led astray by lies!

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