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A total modification of the game with the aim to reach a modern game standard for MoW, unleashing the deepest graphics and most revealing skins, missions and models.

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What new stuff would YOU like to see in the mod? (Games : Men of War: Vietnam : Mods : Men of War: Scorched Horizon : Forum : What new stuff would YOU like to have? : What new stuff would YOU like to see in the mod?) Locked
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Dec 15 2012 Anchor

Please comment, open to anyone, if you want to put an extremist suggstion put it, but no conflict please.

When I get feedback I will do a layout of the new unit/vehicle/building as appears in the mod's pics.

I am aware I have requests to post a new StuG III F model. I will begin my work upon it soon.-

Dec 15 2012 Anchor

This one :
xd (joke)

But it would be cool if you can make the "Marder II" I love that tank <3


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Dec 16 2012 Anchor

o.k. I will begin the Marder II mit PanzerKanone 40 immediately.

Dec 16 2012 Anchor

JG52_cule wrote: o.k. I will begin the Marder II mit PanzerKanone 40 immediately.

Awesome! :D

Dec 16 2012 Anchor

oh oh, here is my christmas present for YOU guys, THE OSTWIND HAS ARRIVED, BLOODTHIRSTY

Dec 17 2012 Anchor

Superb! And how about Panzerjäger 1?

Dec 17 2012 Anchor

yea the panzerjager I would be cool! also

Dec 17 2012 Anchor

I'm on it...

indeed, the PZJG 1 [ausf B mit 47mm PaK 37t/L23] is a must.

I have this:

PS: Special thanks to GSM

What do you think

Dec 17 2012 Anchor


Dec 17 2012 Anchor

Tomorrow I will finish the coding for it

Anything else?

Dec 28 2012 Anchor

Can you do Henschel 33D1?

Dec 28 2012 Anchor

I will Begin with that epic truck on Wednesday

Dec 28 2012 Anchor

you already made the Marder II?

Dec 28 2012 Anchor

The model is ready, The textures and files are Wip now. I will upload a Marder II development thread on wednesday too.

Dec 28 2012 Anchor


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