This mod could be also called : Max Payne 1.5 Taking place between the stories of the first and second Max Payne games, Max Payne's Chronicles let you playing as Max Payne when he joins the NYPD, and starts his detective job. On each of the 4 chapters, you will receive a new case to solve. Each case is different, but also linked in a way you will try to find out, but new questions will keep spawning until the last and final reveal. The mod will include : - Between 6 and 8 new storylined levels. (depending of there lengths), combining intense gameplay and investigation parts. - A few bonus levels adding new gameplay possibilities never seen before in Max Payne 2. - New weapons, skins, sounds, graphic novel pages, voices, menus, musics...

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awesome mod

Features new everything, but its also got a disappointingly pointless storyline, some voice acting done by someone who obviously didn't learn english first, and while its length is good it features mainly just a warehouse. A different variety of warehouse type places but its just that, though the first map is your police station but how it looks in its early days, and a map under (and over) a bridge which I thought was a excellent way to start things out. It's a shame the mod wasn't longer though (yes I know I said I liked the length) its just the mod didn't have the time to really give us a story like it seems to suggest in its description.
Reminds me of another "Chronicles" mod that ended up only having one episode (for half-life) its the same thing here.
The boss battle was tough, the guy didn't want to go down :D

Spectacular level design and new guns bring this mod to life as you shoot your way through an abandoned bridge and cleaner-run slaughterhouse.

Plus, there are plenty of interesting challenges that come with a rather lengthy single-player campaign.

Take this mod for a spin on a rainy day :D


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