You wake up as a young woman named Malina, who has been knocked out and than operated on by Hunter Jones(had the former name Jerry Jones). Hunter Jones is the main antagonist, who has been tracking down many people that he wants to torture/eliminate from the world, he has had a dreadful past full of pain, bullying, loneliness and many thoughts of conspiracy, and now that he's an adult his thirst for vengeance has grown, he ended up killing thousands of people both innocent and guilty for Hunter's pain, in the most treacherous ways, not to mention the experiments he's been doing. Hunter has his reasons to torture but his sanity has gotten out of hand, he planned to operate on Malina's brain to make her obedient, but after getting tired of working slightly on her other body parts plus cutting off 2 of her fingers, he decided to take a break and run off to his mansion, not knowing that Malina had a chance of waking up.

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I've got nice maps in a mod that I cannot finish, and I don't want them to go to waste.

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So, there were many issues to why this mode has become dead. I have lost one of the biggest maps I've made(Outside map that I still have a screenshot off in the images for the mod) and ever since I've got a new computer, I've been having trouble with the editor, making the map building a bigger hassle than it should be. Also, much the people who were helping me with scripting have disappeared/become inactive. Since I can't really continue this alone, I was wondering if anyone wanted to get all the Hunter's Greed maps I've made(there's 16 of them) and use them/make something good of them since I put much time into them and don't want them to go to waste. The maps contain many custom textures, entities, decals, music and everything. So I hope they'll be interesting for you to explore.

Please message me or reply to this article if interested!


Hey i put the message in the main page.

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An intriguing offer, but I think I could never do those maps justice. Besides, 16 is a bit much.

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