--- The sleepy town of Edana, tucked away in the southwestern hills, is an unlikely place for an invasion. The evil orc known as 'The Blackhand,' however, tends to disagree: If he can just take and control a small area of Daragoth he can have a specific base to concentrate his attacks from, the first step to toppling the great kingdoms of old.  With the help of his seven most powerful Shamans ( the Circle of Seven), he is able to create a massive magical barrier surrouding Edana and the areas in close proximity to it. Inside this barrier, all magic is negated, and no creature can pass through the barrier (going out or coming in), except the foul Orcish legion that flies the Banner of the Black Hand.  How is the Black Hand able to create this barrier?  And can the people survive this horrible assault? --- In Master Sword, you pick up your weapon of choice and head straight into training. As your skills progress, you can choose to venture deeper into danger. Lots of professions...

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