The special Forces of the US-Fraction is on their way to Noname Island in the Pacific. Secret Informations about Clone Tests has been leaked by a account executive. The Project is allegedly under the attendance of the Korean Ex-Military Kyong. Equipped with Nanosuits, the Situation has to be inspected. Already before the Arrival, everything went wrong. The aircraft-carrier with Nomad and Psycho got under bombardment and sunk. The whole Team is absentminded on the Island, including Nomad. The previous Mission gets merely secondary, it is more important now to find Nomad and disappear from that Island.

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Today I want to show you some of our new screenshots, ingame footage and information!

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Huge Update! - 4.3.2009

Hey everyone! Today it's time to give you some new information about our mod! The last few weeks it was a bit quite about our project, but that doesn't mean that we have relaxed this time. So I made a list of new infos! Let's start!

1. Level 2 Status Update

We didn't talk about Level 2 for a long while. Thats because of this level is so big! But now, i can proudly say to you, that i just finished the leveldesign of this map!

Leveldesign: 99%
Vegetationobjects: 45.244
Brushes, Partikel, Entities: 60% (~12.000)
Missions: 75%
Flowgraphs/Cutscenes: 30-40%

Playtime (Level 1-2): about 1,5 - 2 hours

2. HUD Screen

Well, we released a HUD Screen in the past, but there are some details which have changed. But there are still missing the minimap and the Nano-menu, which will follow in about 1-2 months.
Note: This HUD is exclusiv for our Mod Living Hell and the Alpha-Crysis Map by crazyeyezkillah!
User Posted Image

3. Level Screens

At next I'll show you some more screens. The Hudscreen took place in a sump scenario. We also got some other landscapes for you!

User Posted Image

This here is the first screenshot we took while a mission! it's the flying mission in lvl2!
User Posted Image

If you think something like "Uhh, i want to know how this looks ingame!".. then just read on!

4. Weaponry Update:

Unfortunately we don't have ingame shots of our weapons yet. But Pramsen is animating our 4 finished weapons atm! Meanwhile, Rizla is modelling two more. Here we can see the first impressions of what is modelled by now.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

5. Outro

I won't tell you any information about the outro yet. But i want to show you some screens of what i have done so far! It's still very WIP

User Posted Image

6. Trailer

And yes! We got another Trailer for you! It was broadcasted only a few minutes ago so enjoy it!!

That's it for now! Hope you enjoyed our todays update :) Pls tell us what you think about it!



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awesome! can't wait to get more infos!

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