Lethal*Agents The Game To Sum It Up... A fast paced team strategy mod introducing new multiplayer elements that infuse an intensity and depth into already celebrated multiplayer game-types. In addition to the portentous multiplayer content, the single and coop modes will immerse all types of players and offer a new perspective on counter-terrorism. You'll be on the edge of your seat... Choose your Player Configuration & Get ready for Action! Game Modes Single-Coop-Multiplayer Single/Coop: (Play against AI Lone-Wolf style or with a team. One life per player per round) Terrorist Hunt: Simply that, grease all the baddies on the map. Terrorists are randomly placed every round to keep you from memorizing their locations. Killing all terrorists will win the round. Multiplayer: (Full Re-Spawn) Supremacy: Essentially Domination, where you have multiple satellites and your goal is to gain control of all of them by hacking its terminal which could take up to 10-15 seconds. The other team, of...

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