A mod for the Inheritance cycle. Your charactor will follow in the wake of Eragon's travels, be able to forge your own path through Aleagesia, and see the world of the Inheritance cycle like you've never seen it before.Will you join the allaince of the free people of Aleagesia? Or join the Empire and conquer the land?

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Took a bit longer to get the concept art finished, we decided to release them gradually, instead of all at once. Anyway, this will explain some story updates, factions, and the like. Might try to do these updates more often,to keep the community informed

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Sorry, shortly kinda went a bit longer then we expected.

Well, the major thing of this update is to tell about the Grey Folk's role in our mod.

You will occasionally encounter grey folk ruins, (they will be a haven for grey folk related salvage) which you can explore. We shall give the player the opportunity to discover the fate of the Grey Folk, and the reason they chained the wild magic to their tongue.
Also, there will be a hidden grey folk stronghold that has some of the last remaining grey folk, (not that many of them, just a few dozen.) And last but not least, there will be a grey folk hero, who will play a major part in the main quest.
The Grey Folk armor and weapons will be mostly based on late Indian styles, but they will also have a little of late Russian and Turkish equipment in there.

Now, onto the Dwarfs, (One of our favorites)
The Dwarfs will have a complicated hierarchy, the clans will always be conniving to increase they're political power. But, when they are united, the dwarfs have one of the most adaptable armies in the game. Here are some of the specialties that Nord has developed.

Knurlcarathn and Gedthrall: Blunt weapons
Az Swelda rak Anhuin: Stealth magic
Quan: Magic
Ragni Hefthyn: Heavy (Feldunost) cavalry archers
Feldunost: Heavy (Feldunost) Cavalry
Vrenshrrgn: Axes
Fanghur: Archers
Nagra: Spears
Ingeitum: Mattocks, pony cavalry
The Dwarfs will have early and medieval Russian armor and weapons, but will have some Byzantine styles.
And yes, they have their big goats.

With The Empire, we had to keep in mind that Galbatorix, being the main power in Alaegasia, would naturally outfit his troops the best. So you will see many Italian and Renaissance equipment. Imperial troops can quickly be trained into a massive and effective army, but they lack experience, and lose to the upper tier troops of the other factions. The Empire will be VERY centralized, and the Imperial settlements will be much more poorer then other faction's settlements.

The Varden are a bit like the Dwarfs in a way, except instead of seeking to advance the status of clans, the Varden Leaders will be constantly trying to be top dog. This might cause destabilization within the Varden ranks, making it difficult for Varden players to get anything done. Imperial players that take advantage of the bickering Varden Leaders will find their gameplay much easier. Varden Troops are mostly rabble at low levels, with poor training and shoddy equipment, but at their higher tiers, they easily outmatch Imperial forces. Varden tend to have a lot of chainmail and leather armor, not as protective as Imperial armor, but much lighter. Dark Age armor and weapons as an example.

The elves, quite a pain in the behind to tell the truth. We have to divide them into their six sub factions, (aquatic elves, regular elves, wild elves, etc.) The elves will have the smallest armies, but some of the most skilled soldiers. Even their low tier troops can give the elite troops of other factions a run for their money. Elven equipment will be mainly based on Chinese and oriental weapons and armor.
We do have an elven armor concept, but it's not finished yet.

The Urgals can be described in two words, tough and strong. What they lack in tactics, they make up for in brute force. They will have a large assortment of weapons and low quality armor, but they make up for it with a high strength and agility. The Urgals will be divided into five sub factions. Expect to see them with a lot of equipment usually only used by specific factions, (We leave how they got it to the player's imagination)

Surda will be their own faction, mainly based on Arabs. Focusing on heavy cavalry, but not lacking in other categories.

Carvahall will be a minor faction, only existing until it's destroyed by the Empire, but until then, they field an army slightly better then base Imperial troops.

And last but not least, the name change, we could go into a long explanation of why we did, but the short answer is, Legend of the Dragon Riders is generic, the new one is, well, awesome.

So now,



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I can't even describe how excited I am for this mod. It's just what I needed to get back into playing M&B <3

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I like all, except the elves divided in sub factions. This will be a great mod

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