Left 4 Theft is a major/total modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mod is slightly based on Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas. Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and a lot more!

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I personally thought there would be more people to comment on the news article but nevertheless I was able to combine the existing suggestions.

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So, only three people commented and posted there suggestions. It may not be a competition but it's a great way to hear other people's opinion.

I took idea's from the posts on the article and filled the four questions I made a week ago.

  • The smaller country villages around the big cities will contain scavengers. They will not care about the faction you chose to join and will give you a place to rest in there small camps. Every country village will contain one camp and can be used just like the bandit and army camps.
  • I'm not yet sure what to do with the Las Venturas camps, I'll make a decision tomorrow or this week.
  • A new story mission will probably be about an old San Andreas story character in the apocalypse. You'll have to help him get out of town or something like that.
  • I think I'll keep the cause of the zombie outbreak secret for now so I can 'play' a little with it and think of some nice extra ideas around it.

That were all four points, I thank the people who were so kind to post their ideas and suggestions!


Well if you want suggestions:

Make a dialogue to name you're faction when you are the boss.
Make a dialogue to change the skin/ped of your faction.

Hope these weren't already posted.^^

Keep It Up!

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Make Las Venturas heavily infected. The city is full of zombies. Only a few casinos are still inhabited by different mafia and gangs. They use the casino as forts against the zombie attacks. The attitude of each casino fort is different, some allow you to enter, some don't, some want you to do some jobs first. Maybe there could be some objectives to wipe out one of those casino forts, because another casino fort wants you to do that. Besides the casino forts, there is nobody left in Las Venturas. The others fled to somewhere else (nearby towns, Area 69 ect), others are infected by the zombies.

Each casino fort is different, some allow other people to enter. (if so, there will be a lot of random people in the casino, besides the maffia/gang) Each casino can offer you different opportunities, but you can't be friendly with each casino fort, because some other casino forts are the enemy of the casino fort you're friendly with. One of the casino forts can, for example, offer you a tank/Rhino, if you have wiped out an enemy casino fort. (Which are very well defended) While another casino fort can give you the task to steal that Rhino from other the casino fort. Same can be done with other vehicles like the Hunter and the Hydra or special weapons like a rocket launcher or flame thrower or a jet pack. Which all can be stolen by other casino forts.

Edit: Most casino forts don't have any relationships with the army or bandits in the other towns, some might have.

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Edit 2: The casino forts aren't small camps. They're massive defensive forts with heavily armed members of the mafia/gang which used to run the casino. (Triads, Leone Family, Russian Mafia ect) You can't take out or defeat such casino fort easily. It requires a lot of skills and a good strategy to take over/defeat such a casino fort.

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By the way, there aren't many of those casino forts in Las Venturas. I guess not more than 5; for example Four Dragons, Caligulas Casino (since those already have interiors), Emerald Isle, The Visage (Those have large parking garages where some (not all) of the action can take place) and maybe another one too.

Edit: Maybe the casino construction site behind the Circus casino is a good fifth casino fort. It has a good secured position and the building site makes it a good battleground for an attack on that casino.

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