Left 4 Theft is a major/total modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The mod is slightly based on Left 4 Dead and will bring you the zombie apocalypse in San Andreas. Fight off zombies, explore the infected world, join factions and a lot more!

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Coming up with all concepts for the entire modification is quite a task. That's where the community comes in! Read further to give your ideas a place in this mod!

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Working on a mod this big can be overwhelming sometimes, also when you're getting help from some great people. I'm well aware of the fact that a lot of people want to share their ideas and concepts with me so that's why I want to make some sort of competition. You can post your ideas for the mod and at the end of the competition I'll choose one ore more ideas which I think are the best.

There are a few points on which I need some ideas/concepts:

  • What kind of safe camps must be made in the smaller country villages around Los Santos? It must be some sort of neutral camp which is not associated with the army or bandits.
  • What kind of camps must be used in Las Venturas? We've got army and bandit camps in Los Santos, survivor and bandit camps in San Fierro but what must be used in Las Venturas?
  • We also need ideas/concepts for story missions. These missions can be everything as long as it's a unique mission which is not associated with the army or bandits.
  • A little concept for the cause of the zombie-outbreak is also needed.

So if you have great idea or concept for one of these points, then don't hesitate to post them in a comment below and maybe you'll get to see your idea back in the mod. The winner will be announced on Saturday, December 24th!


Safe camps in the smaller country should be scavengers these are camps that do not care if you are military or bandits these are a more laid back people who only live to live all of their missions involve grabbing things (some need to be stolen from other factions) from the bigger cities then returning to them with the supplies in return they give you a part of the supplies you recieved in addition this adds on to the amount of items you can buy These guys are also more likely to give you back up survivors to help you the scavengers attempt to bring the good side of the army while using some of the survival techniques of the bandits giving them a good idea of neutralness since these guys are neutral their villages could be used as meeting point between military and bandits (for example hostage exchanges and such.) giving missions for you such as meeting bandits with a squad of soldiers and a captive to exchange for some of your comrades and vice versa
Las Venturas could have the rich who can afford to buy off survivors (supposing money has any future pratical uses) so you will see bandits, survivors, and military all working for them in the camps they don't just survive they thrive in a non zombie zone with defenses that could fight off any number of zombies, These guys are general jerks to you with harder missions like defense from large hoards of bandits or clearing out areas with tougher zombies but their money allows bigger payments and better equipment to buy. The Rich are foes to the bandits as the bandits are constantly attempting to attack their turf (possible bandit mission) they are also not afraid to rough up some survivor camps so that the Rich can get more space to renovate and live in the Rich will give you no survivors but they will sell you the contracts of some of their highly skilled mercinaries these guys are a partial neutral but the money gives them some corruption giving them a little bit more of an evil side

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Countryside - They should be farmer people that would be armed with the Cuntgun, the shotgun and maybe a pistol. They should usually ask the player to bring in fuel for the tractors and seeds so they can keep producing food for their living. The player should also be able to "eat" after completing all countryside missions and that EAT would give him full health and like a quarter armor.

Las Venturas - Instead of meeting safe camps the player could find lone survivors that were main characters in the original GTA story. One of these could be The Truth (he is also the one behind the outbreak - see my reason [not very good tho', im not that creative] and he would try to redeemer himself), and the other one could be Toreno or Wu Zi Mu, or even Sweet. They could be there because they heard of an Evac center located there and when they arrived there was nothing, so they just stayed there.

Story Mission - This could be were he mets Sweet in the hospital an brings him back to grove were he could arm himself and help CJ on getting out of LS to a countryside city like Blueberry. (I have a Full Story for this, if you want PM Me)

Cause of the outbreak - Well, remember i said The Tru' was going to be behind it? Well, its not a GOOD idead but its something : The virus could come of that green goo we have to steal for. It could be where he was driving it in a back of his truck when it fell nearby caligulas cassino and broke up, unleashing a green goo that the cassino security would come in contact with and then get infected, biting the players and croupiers and, well, you know the rest.

If you like my Campaign mission you can PM me and I'll give you the full history. If you liked one of my ideas not being the Campaign then theres no need to PM me. Either way, I wish you good luck on developing such a mod.

Greets, Gian.

P.S: I've sent you a PM and its kinda Important.

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There should be a surviour gang of elvis impersonaters and show girls in Las Venturas. Maybe you have to round up them up from different casinos and get the "famous" actors to the militry controlled airport. Once there they give you extra missions to collect rare expensive loot and expolsive film props (rocket launcher, satchel bombs).

Countryside group could literally be the walking dead series surviours, with the farm house and *SPOILERS* the barn full of zombies that you have to kill when they all a escape.

A fun misson later on for the militry is to test a new weapon. From the airport in Las Venturas. A scientist issues you a jetpack with one main draw back only 3 minutes of fuel. So you have to kill as many zombies in 3mins (with a set target) with an smg to see if its worth the scientists spending any more time making a more viable fuel source.
There could also be a precursor mission collecting parts around Las Venturas and 2 missions that follow, the first being find the new fuel source rumours suggest its located in the refinery near san fierro airport.
Now that his/her research is complete you get another fun jetpack mission into town to kill zombies/enemies to test it before it goes into production. But this time no time limit just kill a set number of enemies then head back for more cash prizes plus now perminatly unlock the jetpack to collect in the base.
THe flipside of this mission if you side with the bandits is to steel the prototype from the army (3mins on the clock and soldiers chaceing you. Once you get it back to the bandit hq, you then get a mission to steel the same parts to finsh it and then steel the fuel from san fierro. Once you've finshed this quest chain the jetpack will be availible in the bandit hq.

Rather than pick one persons idea just cherry pick the best from everyone :)

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