Will you join the ranks of the Republic and lead them in a last stand as the only light against a galaxy of darkness? Or will you take part in corrupting the galaxy as the vile Mandolorians? Will you fight for peace or war, Jedi or Sith, light or dark. The choice is yours, and the Galaxy will be changed by you forever.

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This is a system I'll be adding called "Divisions".

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The Imperial Military is divided into two categories, Navy, and Army.

Divided into three Fleets, each with unique abilities and recruiting areas.

1st Expeditionary Fleet
Commanded by Darth Malgus himself, this fleet is especially adept at taking neutral alien worlds, and can sneak by enemy worlds without notice. This fleet recruits from the newest member planets of the Empire: Corellia, Balmorra, and other newly conquered planets. The presence of this fleet's ships ceases any threat of rebellion on liberated planets.

78th Battle Group
A fleet controlled by Moff Jerod, this fleet provides support to contested worlds and can move swiftly to thwart enemy attacks and dissidents bend on taking back their homeworlds. This fleet has uncanny recon and can detect enemy troop movements up to two systems away. This fleet can also reduce threats of rebel factions in the system. This fleet can be recruited on any planet besides those recently captured.

42nd Kaas Elite
Grand Moff Kilran's personal battle-group. Known for cunning strategies and viciousness, this fleet is the spearhead of Imperial attacks across the galaxy. Only recruitable Dromund Kaas, these ships are the best the Empire has to offer. They are masters of lightning strikes against republic worlds and take no prisoners. Under Kilran's command, this fleet can gain control of a system with no heroes in it with fear alone. The pinnacle of Imperial Might, these men are at home striking fear while on the offensive.


The Imperial Army is all of the ground troops in the Empire. They are divided into 4 divisions.

12th Support Battalion
A small Battalion on the Outer Rim, the commanders use unconventional assets like Imperial Intelligence and The Imperial Reclamation Service to take worlds deemed of lower priority by the Dark Council. This Battalion's commanders can recruit Imperial Intelligence operatives to sabotage planetary defenses and conduct small raids on enemy outposts. This Battalion is recruited from hardened soldiers on the outer rim.
Special Unit: Imperial Intelligence Operative, Excavation team

Emperor's Pride, 123 Infantry Brigade
The first infantry division to be commanded directly by a Moff, these are the most well equipped and best trained of the Imperial Military. They have access to heavy tanks and walkers. These troops are not for subtlety. They cannot conduct raids against the enemy, only full-on assaults. Under a Moff's guidance, these shock troops are virtually unstoppable on the battlefield. They carry grenades and rockets as well, so they are formidable for even armored vehicles to take on. Only recruitable on Dromund Kaas.
Special Unit: Shock Commando Squad

Imperial Guard
The Emperor's own royal guard. Best fitted taking on Jedi or supporting comrades in the field. These elite force sensitive warriors are only available in short quantities from Korriban Academy. These soldiers carry force staffs and lightsabers, and are more than a match for most jedi. However, they cannot hold out for long without support against armor or infantry troops.
Special Unit: Guard Commander

159th Division
A standard military division hailing from the Imperial Orgin worlds and newly conquered worlds. This division is good for holding planets under constant threat of dissidents and rebels. They are well rounded, have access to medium armored support and are able to set up field bases on contested worlds. Probably the most widespread and expendable of the divisions.
Special Unit: Field Medical Base, Field Deployment Camp

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