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First, I try a new game. It doesn't work. Try again. Doesn't work. And to think I actually WANTED to try out Skyrim....

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I've got some nice news today. About crap. And more crap. And it explains why there hasn't been a formal update in a while, and why I have a stream as the preview pic.

This all begins one day after a lengthy day in SWTOR, when I find myself wanting to try out a new game. I thought to myself, hhhhmmmmmmm....... Maybe Skyrim? So I plop the disk in, only to find that it ALSO needs Steam along with half my hard drive. Great. I go mess around a bit for three hours, some reading, and some homework. Some family favors some, more messing around. So I finally get Skyrim installed, play for 12 minutes, and it crashes. I try again, and everything turns yellow. GREAT. I reinstall Skyrim. YELLOW. AGAIN. I finally give up and decide to upgrade to vista. So I look online and it says: Oh, everything will be fine..... None of your files will perish...... Yeah right. But I follow through, and just as it happens, all my models I've collected, my readme, my Xmls, and my maps, ALL GONE. Luckily, I found out there is a way to recover it, but its so long and complicated.... Well, it'll be a while before I can get any positive work in.... So to blow off some steam, I see the SWTOR is still installed, so I play it. Alas, it doesn't work either. On top of this, I have lots of schoolwork, and I can't even type exclaimation points on my stupid keyboard. GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR Along with that, all my pics are gone too...

So that's my complex explanation. To put plainly, **** happened again and again and again. Welcome to my computer world. This is not the half of it........

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