Lambda Wars (formerly Half-Life 2: Wars) brings the struggle between the human resistance and their Combine overlords to a multiplayer real-time strategy setting. The Lambda Wars beta only requires Alien Swarm installed to play. It features 3 multiplayer game modes: Sandbox, Annihilation and Overrun, showcasing the Rebels and Combine playable factions and a full-fledged RTS interface and HUD. There is also a singleplayer tutorial and a handful of singleplayer missions.

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Hot on the heels of last week's release of Beta 2.3.2, 2.3.3 is a patch release that primarily address bugfixes and minor balancing issues.

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Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.3 has been released. This is a minor patch release primarily to address some bugs we noticed in last week's release of 2.3.2, along with a few minor balancing changes.


Unlike most releases, we have released a patch version for those of you who already installed Beta 2.3.2 last week. The patch is small (~34mb) compared to the full installer (~1.05gb) so if you already have 2.3.2 installed we recommend downloading the patch.

Lambda Wars 2.3.3 changes

Improvements and Balance:
* Reduced cover damage reduction from 60% to 50%
* Changed population cost of Combine and Rebel Soldier (SMG/Ar2/shotgun) to 2 (excluding the Engineer)
* Changed population cost of Vortigaunt from 1 to 3
* Changed population cost of Hunter from 2 to 3

* Air unit selection circles are now projected on the ground
* Added range indicators to Headcrab Canister Launcher, Barrel Trap, Regeneration Post and Rebel Scan ability

* UPDATED: hlw_abandoned (added new neutral wood fence barricade)
* UPDATED: hlw_village

* Unable to type text in Gamelobby chat
* Control Points sometimes incorrectly updated after an enemy captures it
* Units not finding the correct path to a Rock Barricade. They would would go around the obstacle depending on which side the units are (hlw_abandoned)
* Unit navigator cached paths were not cleared in some cases, causing incorrect navigation
* Just spawned units at a building moving in a random direction when no rally point is set yet
* Sometimes units keeps playing the fall animation
* Ability cancel notification messages not being shown
* Info box/tooltip of abilities incorrectly made visible after leaving unit direct control

* Updated Chromium Embedded Framework to branch 1750 (Chromium 33)
* Updated JQWidgets to version 3.2.0


dude, i've just downloaded the latest one XD

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By the way there's a glitch with the radio tower in the first mission, the animation breakes it but it's still here.

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This game still in alpha, remember that.

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Thanks Sherlock ! It's just a feedback to help them improve it.

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ProgSys Creator

We fixed the problem, so it should work fine the next realese.

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