Climb your way up the ladder of waves of enemies as the city crumbles around you. This is a complex ladder-based map set in a dock-side town. Surrounding the small plaza are 4 story buildings and canals. For those of you who do not know, a ladder map is one where waves of enemies come at you in ascending order so that it becomes more difficult as you progress. The map is highly destructible and will crumble before your very eyes leaving nothing but the skeletons of buildings behind. I created this map about a year ago and never released it, and I was finally convinced into putting it up here. It is surprisingly fun so I highly recommend you try it. You will find yourself pitched against some interesting waves including a rocket-firing Helicopter. Thanks!

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While a little choppy, Ladder is a great gauntlet shoot-em-up with 30 waves to fight through with a highly destructible environment that keeps you on your toes as you fight heavier and more challenging (not to mention destructive) foes.

Not ground-breaking, but just apply an EP2 fix and you'll be sure to have a blast :)

I would harly call it effing destructible at all! Nothing was destuctible Also it was incredibly boring!

So simple, but very well designed and fun to play.

i think it needs a kill counter

Excellent work, especially the falling tower part. I can't wait for it to be finished. I wish more people would make semi-destructible environment mods.


Fun to play and well mapped, but has some FPS issues. Worth giving a shot if you have a decent computer.


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