2180 AD... The Nuclear War has destroyed all, the world is a radioactive wasteland covered in ashes. 83 years later, a woman with no memory awakens and finds herself in a city called Krucible; a place of pain and suffering due to the oppressive reign from the Government of Order... Despite her own obsessive perversions, she is one of few with the courage and will to fight back...

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EXACTLY what the subject's title suggests... blah blah

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Due to too many bugs, too many complaints, and ultimately too much of my personal time wasted working on this, I really see no reason why Krucible or the mods I presently had in development should be released or worked on.

I fail to see the point wasting time, getting annoyed and frustrated to work on free entertainment that is not entertaining and is getting little to no support. I have better things to do with my life...


This is a sad experience for you, but don’t let it get you down. Your work is still pretty good, though. But, some things aren't brilliant, that's true.

Anyway, I want to wish you good luck and try yourself in something new.

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This is really sad to hear. I was just a couple days away from releasing my 9 review on Krucible. I am almost finished with the mod and had a real blast with it, more than I had with many modern games.
I cannot complain about bugs that are EXPLICITLY STATED in the game itself and that are FAR from making this game unplayable. Some mods from other developers I tested in the past are barely functional, are there really people whining about the game crashing a couple of times? What about SAVING?!?
Sorry for the rant Wolf, but I know very well how it feels when your hard work is s**t on by ungrateful people and I wanted to express solidarity with your great job.
Only real problem I had with Krucible is I can't progress past level 23 because I fear the level exit doesn't trigger for some reason. Go figure...I'll probably try the level again
Sorry I won't hear anymore from you, I was really looking forward to your future projects :-(

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I'm sad too, Madwolf555. I played through to the final level as well. I got around the game crashing by saving ever so often. I did enjoy the storyline, though. Good, scary enemies and cool weaponry. I thought it was a valiant effort.

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