well this is a mod that brings kotor to life, there will be a single player story, it takes place during the mandalorian wars, you will see the struggle the republic went through , the jedis struggle with the dark and the light . . . we are pulling up our socks, and getting all of this done by the deadline. sp everyone can fall inlove with this mod . . . on that note if this mod is a success then there WILL be a second kotor mod game, we can assume the second mod would take place in the jedi civil war ( MY FAVORTIVE ERA) the fall of revan and malak the legacy of the star forge jedi, sith the death of many, STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC: THE MANDALORIAN WARS

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DONT READ THE SUMMARY I WILL ONLY WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW, read the content because its so amazingly awesome to the point it might be a bit over rated

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this is the basics, its all you need to know, and yes you will get to see your teammates health while in battle , and by the way there will be big battles, ^.^

a long time ago thing and the starting words

prologe ship flys toward planet, ship lands a guy comes out and that guy is malak
talk to jedi tells them to join his cause , Andor has a converation about the war to his master Serge points out he likes machines
Andor walks away to training hall where he runs into Andrea they talk about a republic officer guy
bunch of stuff

to prove that Andor is ready he has to go through the extremly training area, live ammo being used and ushc fighting droids

they get ready

mission 1 secure the west end of the base thing

mission 2 search through ther spacestation for survivors

mission 3 take out the mando camp line
mission 4 discoverwhat the mandos are doing with the forus crystls
mission 5 take out the communations centre
mission 6 part 1 expore the reasrch faltity/ find the mando commander
mission 6 part 2 expore the rest of the place and at end discover the blueprints to a "experiment"
mission 7 dxun defend the repuiblic putpost and attack the mando base camp
mission 8 dxun finsh off the mandos and go to the freedon nadd temple and destory the mandos there
mission 9 discover if the sith are involed with the mando raids
mission 10 corusaunt, discover where the orders were coming from

story line (big cutsence)

mission 11 track down the sith base
mission 12 escape the sith trap
mission 13 discover the idenity of the jedi traitor
mission 14 defend the ship
mission 15 travle with jedi knight malak and destory the mando base and find the connection with the sith
mission 16 fight against the dark sith with malak and discover what awaits in the sith temple (join malak dark side, leave light side)
mission 17 light Andrea dies by malak dark bunch of jedi are sent to kill you, Andrea being the boss of the level
mission 18 light defend the jedi outpost against invaders dark kill all the jedi in the outpost and destory the flight records
mission 19 chose light or dark again, light turn against your sith masters dark kill jedi knight guy
mission 20 light fight and defeat malak dark fight and kill serge and vrook
mission 21 light escape sith base thing dark kill malak to become the a sith lord
mission 22 light regroup at malacore 5 with Serge darkhead to malacore 5 learn the true pwoer of the dark side

bonus 1 help carth and his troops defend taatonien from the sith
bonus 2 jedi outpost is under attack by the sith and teranatacks
bonus 3 the jedi are attacking the otupost, defend the mandlorian honour
bonus 4 assassination for the mandalorians your team must make it through the base and kill darth revan
bonus 5 you are the exile no jedi can stand in your way kill anyone who stands in your way

extra bonus the jedi stand on an open battle field against the sith, the victor ...is who lives

PLEASE NOTE, that parts of this will change, and the light side ending is the normal ending the dark side ending totaly messes up the future ^.^

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