Komodo Mod is Back!! Diablo II: LoD Komodo Mod -- Many new features along with many old features to keep you familiar with Diablo. Increased difficulty and more items! Higher resistance penalty in harder difficulties but plenty of new items to help you. No need for MF % just kill the Super Uniques. Each class has additional new skills and many MANY Unique items for custom character builds! Everything has been revamped for Komodo Mod ! Sign-up and join us :)

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Patch Notes for v7.8 + more

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Heres a complete list of changes Komodo has (work in progress)
added new gem Zircon
added new gem Quartz
added new gem Sardonyx
added new gem Onyx
added new rune Zao
added new rune Jur
added new rune Xu
added new rune Rao
added new rune Vem
added new rune Kur
added new rune Mul
added new rune Wur
added new rune Co
added new rune Gam

added new act3 town map
added new catacombs level 4 map
added new baal throneroom map

ancients experience now 1.08 like

Horadric staff now drops from radments chest

Added 3000+ new unique items
added 30+ new sets

added new item dropper : Griswald
added new item dropper : Battlemaid Sarina

added 10 new "Superelite" items

added socketable belts
added socket belt cube recipe (belt in cube = 1 socket to belt)

Telekensis Picks Up All items
-300 Resistance in Hell

Added SpiderKing Inplace of CorpseFire
Changed Rakainchu To A RatMan
Added The Butcher In The Monastary
Added King Leoric In Place Of Radament
Added ArchBishop Lazarus In Place Of Summoner
Baal Can Now Cast Iron Maiden

Graphic / Color Changes
Changed Diablo's Lightning Effect To Blue
Changed Iron Maiden's To Dark Purple
Changed Battle Orders To Dark Red
Changed Shout To Green
Changed Battle Command To Dark Blue
Changed Imp Plasma Balls To Dark Purple
Changed Frost Nova Graphics
Removed 1.10 WhirlWind Graphics

Misc Changes
Changed Town Portals To Green
Changed Special Portals To Purple
Enabled Bunny's In Act1
Enabled Birds In Act1
Enabled Camels In Act2
Enabled Chickens Outside Act1
New Skills Added
Added FireNova (Sorceress)
Added Lightning Orb (Sorceress)
Added Carnage (Barbarian)
Added Ice Golem (NecroMancer)
Added Poison Mastery (necromancer)

Skill Changes
Increased Raise Skeleton's Damage
Increased Lightning Mastery Percentage
Changed WhirlWind To 1.06 Like
Guided Arrow Pierce's 1.09 Like
Battle Orders Able To Be Casted In Town
Battle Command Able To Be Casted In Town
Shout Able To Be Casted In Town
Teleport Able To Be Casted In Town
Teleport Available At Level 10
NecroMancer Skeleton Damage Increased

New Super Elite Items Added

Battle Shield
Minotaur Skull
Zakarum Crown
Mirror Visor
Hellforge Crown
Heavenly Bonnet
Diamond Shroud
Wyrmhide Sash
Death Barrier
Kraken Belt
Kraken Shield
Battle Greaves
Blessed Steel
Crystal Ball (Sorceress Class Specific)

Kraken Sword
Legendary Flail
Ceremonial Axe
Archon Bow
Thunder Mallet
Dimensional Bow
Katana (Assassin Class Specific)
Ancient Bow (Amazon Class Specific)
Item Changes
Added Unique Arrows
Added Set Arrows
Added Magic Arrows
Added Rare Arrows
Added Craftable Jewels
Added Craftable Charms
Added Rare Charms
Added Better Rare Jewels
Perfect Gems Now Drop
Increased Stats Of Gems
Increased Stats Of Runes

New Item Stats
Hit Stuns Target - Stuns Target Upon Sucessfull Hit
Curse Resistance - % Chance To Avoid Being Cursed
Immune To Poison - player is immune to poison when item is equipped
Immune To Fire - player is immune to fire when item is equipped
Immune To Cold - player is immune to Cold when item is equipped
Immune To Lightning - player is immune to lightning when item is
Immune To Magic - player is immune to magic when item is equipped

Item Drop Changes
Spider King Drops A Modified Annihilus
Added "Droppers" Who Always Drop Certain Item's (Unique's , Sets,
Rares, Etc)

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