Kingdom of Andria is a Viking themed multiplayer roleplaying module based on Persistent World, featuring an expanded Calradian lore. The module will play on nordic continents where the original Calradian factions and The Old Norths are settled. The Old Norths, the ancestors of the Northerners of Calradia, wish to reclaim their ancestral land for their own people, as is their right. The Calradian factions, immigrants from Calradia, have the manpower to claim a stake of the land as well. There are many features such as a complete Day/Night cycle, a weather system with sounds, a seasonal snow system, custom nature sounds, a NPC system with automated merchants and travelers, NPC bandits, a few more instruments to play, a lot of new props and items, a few new animals and resources, new food and many more additions. All this together will provide the Warband community with one last big and epic journey before Bannerlord arrives.

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Kingdom of Andria will be one of our newest projects, and our last one on Mount & Blade Warband. It is a HCRP module opening new ways of haivng fun with an extended lore and more.

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Kingdom of Andria will be one of our newest projects, and our last one on Mount & Blade Warband. It is a HCRP module opening new ways of haivng fun with an extended lore and more.

The Crafting System will be a lot of different for example, the wounding system, the bloodier gore, the NPCs and a lot of other features make the module very special. We will post several developer blogs about these features soon, so be patient please.

We do not have a release date, so do not really tempt to ask. We have a range of around 1 or 4 weeks, but still could take longer. Depends on how fast and on how much we are going to actually add into the module. Alone the new lore which we are writing/adjusting (is still based on Calradia lore) is an enormous step.

This module is only MP and should be played only by people which like to role play. It is serious role play, it takes you quite a while to gain good gear/items. The module is also kinda of a transformation / uniting of GoTRP and Medieval Realms. Be aware: There will be only one server, to keep up the concept!

For now we will present you the Day & Night Cycle, Weather System, Seasonal Function Dev Blog:

The Video:

General Day & Night Settings
One roleplay day has 24 roleplay hours. One roleplay hour as 60 roleplay minutes.
One roleplay day is equal to 6 real life hours. That means there is a full 4 day/night cycle at one real day.
The hour changes each 15 minutes and the sun or the moon are moving with it.
At night a night skybox will spawn, at dawn a dawn one and at daytime just the normal one.

Other Day & Night Settings
The weather can change each 7,5 minutes. So basically each 30 roleplay minutes. The weather can either be snowy, rainy or sunny.
The fog depends on if it snows or rains. It tries to calculate a realistic environment for all of us.
Also there are rain, snow, wind and thunder sounds which make the system glow in glance.

Seasonal Operations
It's choosing at 24 o' clock (roleplay time) if it should snow or not. If it snows then it snows the whole day.
This calculations are pure randomly and not affected by admins or other sources. That means, the role play is more immersive due to you can't count with drastic weather changes in events for example.

I wish you a good day and I hope you are excited. If you want to help then feel free to contact us through ModDB, Steam or the Forums.



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