Kingdom of Andria is a Viking themed multiplayer roleplaying module based on Persistent World, featuring an expanded Calradian lore. The module will play on nordic continents where the original Calradian factions and The Old Norths are settled. The Old Norths, the ancestors of the Northerners of Calradia, wish to reclaim their ancestral land for their own people, as is their right. The Calradian factions, immigrants from Calradia, have the manpower to claim a stake of the land as well. There are many features such as a complete Day/Night cycle, a weather system with sounds, a seasonal snow system, custom nature sounds, a NPC system with automated merchants and travelers, NPC bandits, a few more instruments to play, a lot of new props and items, a few new animals and resources, new food and many more additions. All this together will provide the Warband community with one last big and epic journey before Bannerlord arrives.

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After a lot of people did contact me I did decide to make Kingdom of Andria OSP, so I did that. Get it now and use content or stuff out of it for your module or relive the mod if you want to!

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a lot of people did ask me if I could make Kingdom of Andria open-source. After struggeling and thinking about it I did decide to make that. Kingdom of Andria has a lot of unique and never existing features which can improve all MP mods massively. Maybe someone want to make a new Kingom of Andria version of it.

The OSP package includes the whole Module System and compiled scripts. Also it contains the backend and a SQL dump. You maybe need to adjust some things cause I think it's not 100% sure the newest database version. But those small changes shouldn't be a big deal. Use the Andria 1.1 Version module next to the MS. Don't use an older KoA version.

If you are using the OSP make sure to use all credits of the Kingdom of Andria credits. Also embed:
"Using Kingdom of Andria OSP - by Illuminati/Dominic/domipoppe".

OSP Package:

Newest Module (1.1):

I hope you like what I am doing.


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