JPOG EVOLVED is a new mod for jurassic park operation genesis.

In this mod you will just see new textures (HQ) , new dinosaurs (HQ), new muscics and better gameplay. This mod is compatible with missions and exercices (all versions, it's possible that objectives in missions use dinosaurs with different names but you just have to check in dinopedia).

I don't use new 3D models. I am nostalgic for the old JPOG mods and I like that there is a bit of original game in this mod. I fully understand the users who would like to see some, but for the moment i'm not interested. Maybe one day it will change?

Good Game! JPOG Evolved Season 1


New features for every versions (exept some features on jurassic classics) :

-New terrain

-New dinosaurs

-New rules in gameplay (money and digsites)

-New menue

-New soundtrack

-HQ Skins

-Jeep updated

-Exercies renamed "Story Mode"

-Compatible with exercices

-New display


More on golden 2

JPOG Evolved - Trailer

JPOG Evolved is the original version of the mod. With new dinosaurs, new graphics, new gameplay and new soundtrack.

Terrain: Jungle

Confirmed Dinosaurs for JPOG Evolved:

-Homalocephale -Hypsilophodon -Gallimimus -Ornithomimus -Dryosaurus -Kentrosaurus -Polacanthus -Styracosaurus -Pachycephalosaurus -Parasaurolophus -Ankylosaurus -Stegosaurus -Barapasaurus -Corythosaurus -Apatosaurus -Ouranosaurus -Pentaceratops -Edmontosaurus -Triceratos -Iguanodon -Brachiosaurus -Velociraptor -Deinonychus -Utahraptor -Dilophosaurus -Cryolophosaurus -Oviraptor -Ceratosaurus -Gorgosaurus -Carnotaurus -Allosaurus -Baryonyx -Spinosaurus -Alectrosaurus -Tyrannosaurus -Giganotosaurus -Acrocanthosaurus -Saurophaganax -Carcharodontosaurus -Tarbosaurus

40 Skins: JPOG Evolved

JPOG Evolved Jurassic classics

JPOG Evolved Jurassic Classics - Trailer

JPOG Evolved Jurassic Classics is an alternate version of jpog evolved with jpog textures for orignals dinosaurs but in better quality. No new musics to keep JPOG ambient!

Confirmed Dinosaurs for JPOG Evolved Jurassic Classics:

-Homalocephale -Hypsilophodon -Gallimimus -Ornithomimus -Dryosaurus -Kentrosaurus -Polacanthus -Styracosaurus -Pachycephalosaurus -Parasaurolophus -Ankylosaurus -Stegosaurus -Barapasaurus -Corythosaurus -Camarasaurus -Ouranosaurus -Torosaurus -Edmontosaurus -Triceratos -Iguanodon -Brachiosaurus -Velociraptor -Deinonychus -Utahraptor -Dilophosaurus -Cryolophosaurus -Oviraptor -Ceratosaurus -Albertosaurus -Carnotaurus -Allosaurus -Baryonyx -Spinosaurus -Alectrosaurus -Tyrannosaurus -Giganotosaurus -Acrocanthosaurus -Saurophaganax -Carcharodontosaurus -Tarbosaurus

25 Skins: JPOG Evolved - Jurassic Classics Extension DLC

Specific features:

-HQ originals skins from the basic Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

-No new musics, menue to keep original game features

JPOG Evolved Extinction

JPOG Evolved Extinction - Teaser

JPOG Evolved - Trailer

JPOG Evolved Extinction is an alternate version of the mod. Rebuild Jurassic Park/World on an island charred by the volcano with new dinosaurs, and dinosaurs from ParaWorld, Jurassic World, and Zoo Tycoon 2. All new textures are on better quality, and new musics from ParaWorld and Zoo Tycoon 2.

Confirmed Dinosaurs for JPOG Evolved Extinction:

-Dryosaurus -Ceratosaurus -Tyrannosaurus -Giganotosaurus -Tarbosaurus

Paraworld theme: -Polacanthus -Parasaurolophus -Lambeosaurus -Iguanodon -Corythosaurus -Pentaceratops -Panoplosaurus -Brachiosaurus -Diplodocus -Saltasaurus -Oviraptor -Spinosaurus -Carcharodontosaurus

Zoo tycoon 2 theme: Kentrosaurus -Protarchaeopteryx -Stegosaurus -Triceratops -Ankylosaurus -Stokesosaurus -Velociraptor -Deinonychus -Utahraptor

Jurassic World theme: -Gallimimus -Stygimoloch -Dracorex -Sinoceratops -Euoplocephalus -Edmontosaurus -Apatosaurus -Dilophosaurus -Carnotaurus -Allosaurus -Baryonyx -Suchomimus -Concavenator

Specific features:

-Soundtracks from Zoo tycoon 2, Paraworld

-HQ skins inspired by Paraworld, Zoo tycoon 2, Jurassic World games

-Dinosaur's rating linked to Zoo tycoon 2, Paraworld and Jurassic World games

-Terrain Ashvalley evolved

JPOG Evolved Primo 2

JPOG Evolved Primo - Teaser

40 Skins: JPOG Evolved - Primo

JPOG Evolved Primo - Trailer (JPOG ROD 2)

JPOG Evolved Primo is JPOG Renaissance of DNA 2. On a tundra island build a jurassic park with new dinosaurs, new mutated dinosaurs and hybrids. You need to use neo dinosaurs (mutated dinosaurs) to obtain 4 stars then you need Hybrids to have 5 stars. New soundtrack and new textures on better quality.

Confirmed Dinosaurs for JPOG Evolved Primo:

-Struthiomimus -Prenocephale -Stegoceras -Kentrosaurus -Styracosaurus -Stegosaurus -Tuojiangosaurus -Lambeosaurus -Corythosaurus -Torosaurus -Triceratops Rhabdodon -Charonosaurus -Sauroposeidon -Jobaria -Eoraptor -Dilophosaurus -Cryolophosaurus -Ceratosaurus -Troodon -Bambiraptor -Acrocanthosaurus -Yangchuanosaurus -Tyrannosaurus -Carnotaurus -Spinosaurus -Giganotosaurus

Cenozoic creatures:

-Dodo -Doedicurus -Phorushracos

Neo Dinosaurs (with special abilities) :

- Neo Ankylosaurus (Armor that helps reduce damage)

- Neo Megalosaurus (Undetectable by other dinosaurs)

- Neo Mapusaurus (Needs a lot of sleep but very dangerous)

- Neo Edmontonia (Longevity of 50 years with dna from turtle)

- Neo Gorgosaurus (Never need to drink with dna from frog)

- Neo Shantungosaurus (Transparent skin with dna from cuttlefish)




-Indominus Rex


Specific features:

- Dinosaurs and Cenozoic creatures are rated between 1 and 3 stars ( exept 0 for dodo)

- Neo Dinosaurs are rated 4 stars

- Hybrids are rated 5 stars

- Terrain Icewaste evolved

-Neo dinosaurs with special abilities

-Hybrids are strongest dinosaurs

-Some other soundtracks

JPOG Evolved Stream   Copie

JPOG Evolved Storm

JPOG Evolved Storm Trailer

40 Skins: JPOG Evolved Storm

JPOG Evolved Storm is an alternate version of jpog evolved. In this versions you have an island with savanna terrain. This is the hardest version of the mod because the weather is very dangreous: storms, tornadoes will endanger your park. You also have new dinosaur list.

Confirmed dinosaurs for JPOG Evolved Storm:

-Stygimoloch -Protoceratops -Dracorex -Chilesaurus -Mononykus -Kentrosaurus -Psittacosaurus -Triceratops -Tenontosaurus -Camptosaurus -Corythosaurus -Pachyrhinosaurus -Shantungosaurus -Stegosaurus -Saichania -Sauropelta -Iguanodon -Parasaurolophus -Tsintaosaurus -Dicraeosaurus -Argentinosaurus -Camarasaurus -Velociraptor -Herrerasaurus -Dromaeosaurus -Deinonychus -Pyroraptor -Dilophosaurus -Ceratosaurus -Nanotyrannus -Eotyrannus -Metriacanthosaurus -Carcharodontosaurus -Giganotosaurus -Carnotaurus -Torvosaurus -Tarbosaurus -Spinosaurs -Tyrannosaurus -Suchomimus

Specific features:

-Some new soundtracks

-Dangerous weather will increase difficulty

-Terrain Savanna evolved

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Gauer3 - - 6 comments

can you please add a file

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Artur_the_reaper - - 7 comments

This mod returns?

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jensaarai11158 - - 76 comments

So what happened? There is no files to download and the other mod season 2 has disappeared.

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KazuroXL - - 2 comments

Where is the link?

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Guest - - 695,825 comments

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Guest - - 695,825 comments

Today after installing one of the packs of ((JPOG Evolved Season 1) Extinction version) everything worked perfectly, only the dinosaurs were completely black!
Does anyone know what might have happened?

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Guest - - 695,825 comments

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JPfan101 - - 40 comments

Is there a way to lower the resolution of the skins so it feel even more vanilla-like? Plus, my computer & game can't handle HD skins

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is this have indominos rex

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