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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Jedi: Timeline Starting 25,000 years before “Episode 4 ‘A New Hope” The Old Republic is formed among the Core Worlds and Jedi Knights first appear. 5,000 years later a large number of Jedi Knights are expelled from the Old Republic after becoming obsessed with the Dark Side of the force. After wandering for sometime, they come across the humanoid beings known as the Sith and enslave the species. The dark siders then become known as the Lords of the Sith. For many millennia the Jedi know as “the light side” has been the keepers of the peace. Fighting the enemy the Sith Lord in furious battles all along history, and eventual destruction of the dark site, or have they. This mod will span the full history of the republic all the way from the Sith Era to the New Jedi Order. It will be a SP, and MP mod where you will be able to play as a vast number of characters, with many different weapons. I am sure many of you are asking yourself, “will...

Report RSS The first vehicle models from Jedi: Timeline

Jedi: Timeline Mod CheeseSteakJim the co-lead and head modeler, did a great job on the T-47 SnowSpeeder. The snowspeeder is one of the many common airspeeders used by the Rebel forces. This enclosed repulsorcraft carries a heavy load of weaponry and a crew of two, and is designed specifically for the

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Jedi: Timeline Mod

CheeseSteakJim the co-lead and head modeler, did a great job on the T-47 SnowSpeeder. The snowspeeder is one of the many common airspeeders used by the Rebel forces. This enclosed repulsorcraft carries a heavy load of weaponry and a crew of two, and is designed specifically for the colder climates of planets such as Hoth. Most Rebel repulsorcraft vehicles utilize chassis and control components which were once flown in starfighters but are no longer fit for the extreme stresses of deep-space use. This allows fighter pilots to easily adapt to the operations of snowspeeders, eliminating the need for separated flight control training. Most snowspeeders feature modified former Y-Wing cockpits and sub-navigation systems, with specially-cut pieces of Y-Wing amour plate added at specific surface angles so as to provide maximum blast bolt deflection.

- Manufacturer: Modified Incom T-47 SnowSpeeder
- Length: 10 meter long
- Speed: 570 kilometer per hour over even terrain
- Crew: 1 pilot and 1 gunner
- Weapons: Two laser cannons (fire-linked) and Power harpoon launcher
- Shields/Armor: Alloy armored hull
- Special Features: Modified for extreme cold

saruman_23 the new modeler comes out with 2 new models, First you will see the AT-PT, and Juggernaut below. Can you believe this is the first mod he has ever worked on.

The AT-PT (All Terrain Personal Transport) was an experimental single-person walker design which was originally designed by the Old Republic. It was meant to turn a single soldier into an armed force that could take on and defeat an entire squad of troops. Ultimately, the AT-PT project was cancelled. The majority of the Old Republic's AT-PTs were on the Katana Dreadnaught Fleet, after it was lost the momentum to furthering the AT-PT project was lost as well. Imperial Engineers later used many of its concepts when they were designing the AT-AT and the AT-ST. The AT-PT was intended to be a major component of the Old Republic's ground forces, also they planned to assign platoons of soldiers to AT-PTs, which would give a single platoon the firepower of nearly a company of ground troops; AT-PT platoons were to be equivalent to a light mechanized infantry units, but at a substantially lower cost. Also, with the speed and their extended comlink ranges, the platoon could patrol a far larger area than other comparable ground forces could.

- Manufacturer: Imperial All Terrain Personal Transport Walker
- Length: 2.9 Meter tall
- Speed: 60 kilometer per hour over even terrain
- Crew: 1 pilot, 1 Trooper in an emergency situation
- Weapons: 1 Nose Mounted Twin Blaster Cannon 1 Chin Mounted Concussion Grenade Launcher
- Shields/Armor: Heavy Armour is virtually impenetrable by small arms fire
- Special Features: None

During the Clone Wars, the Old Republic took drastic steps to repel the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Realizing that demilitarized systems would be wiped out by the confederate forces, the Galactic Senate passed a resolution that allowed planets to create their own defense forces with the Republic's full support and financial backing. The Republic contracted Kuat Drive Yards to supply vehicles for these local armies, and the Juggernaut was born. Designed to be a larger version of the AT-TE, the juggernaut shares a great deal of technology with its predecessor. The vehicle's heavy armour plating is nearly identical to the armour covering the AT-TE, and the secure command cabin is similar in design to the AT-TE's cockpit. Rather than rely on a walker configuration, however, the juggernaut has ten durable drive wheels connected to a flexible system of shocks and servos. The juggernaut excels when crossing rocky, uneven, or broken terrain and can reach top speeds of 200 kilometers per hour, although it must slow to nearly 25 kilometers per hour in order to turn. Because the juggernaut has forward and rear command cabins, it can travel in reverse at maximum speed. Relatively easy to pilot, the juggernaut requires only one driver in each command cabin.

They would like you to let them know what you think. Join up on the forums to let us know. They would also like to welcome all the new staff g00se the new coder, saruman_23, and M@ty our new modelers. Check out the info on the new staff bios.

Jedi: Timeline


some sexy models!

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Timmay Author

Thanks BW. :)

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Be careful. LucasArts sues mod makers.

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Timmay Author

Nope,they will close them, but they also let them run like UT2k3 Mod Troopers.

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