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The new AI for JEDI FIGHTER beta 3 learns from opponents on the fly, and makes a pretty good opponent itself. Check out this video!

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JEDI FIGHTER beta 3 is coming in July the first week of August, 2016!

Sorry for the delay! We had a baby (and have some last minute bugs)!

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Artificial intelligence: Out with neural networks,

in with Bayesian updating!

Check out this demonstration of the Jedi Fighter AI coming with beta 3 in July the first week of August, 2016!

The AI uses a Bayesian method to determine the next best move, given the relative health between the players and the relative position of the opponent. I tried the neural network approach, and it just took too long to train, and couldn't train on the fly. This one can!

This approach allows the AI to learn from their opponents in realtime, by keeping a memory of the last 100 moves, the position of the opponent when the move was issued, and the resulting health of the AI and the opponent from that move.

The AI first determines whether the combat state is going to be NEUTRAL, DEFENSIVE, AGGRESSIVE, or SUPER AGGRESSIVE. Then it checks for the 7 closest moves based on the relative position of the opponent. From those moves, it decides on the optimal move based on the combat state.

For example, if the state is aggressive, the optimal move from those 7 would be one that gives at least 10% damage. If nothing in recent memory is within the appropriate distance nor caused the minimum damage, then a new random move is tried to broaden the experience.

What else is in beta 3?

I've cleaned up the menus and the HUD, added diagonal buttons instead of just (up, down, left, and right), added a force meter, tweaked some of the moves, and will try to get in a few new characters from the Force Awakens. But really, the AI is the showpiece of beta 3. You'll love it!

Here is a screenshot of the new round indicators and proper text justification on the HUD:

New HUD!

Stay tuned and download JEDI FIGHTER beta 2 while you wait!

JEDI FIGHTER beta 3 is coming in April July (we had a baby!)

Find out more and follow the JEDI FIGHTER beta 3 AI progress on this forum thread. I'll post here with more information as soon as progress is made!

For now, try out JEDI FIGHTER beta 2 and give me your feedback on the forums!

You'll need to install Jedi Academy, the OpenJK engine, and Jedi Fighter beta 2 to play.

Make sure you download both of these!

OpenJK download link:
OpenJK build for Jedi Fighter beta 2

Jedi Fighter beta 2 download link:

Check out these installation instructions to get started.

  1. Unzip both Jedi Fighter beta 2 and the OpenJK engine to your Jedi Academy\gamedata directory.
  2. Right click on SETUP.BAT in the Jedi Academy\gamedata\jedifighter directory and choose "Run as Administrator".

Run JF_CLIENT_OJK.BAT in your Jedi Academy\gamedata\jedifighter directory to get started. Configure your controls, max out your video settings and resolution, and have fun!

If you have any issues, check out the detailed instructions in jedifighter\_README_.txt. If you still have problems, feel free to post in the forums.

Jedi Fighter

Jedi Fighter


Can't wait!!

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skew Author

Beta 3 coming tomorrow! Just need to do a little bit of cleanup and packaging..

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skew Author

Ugh, I've got a bug that shows up when starting a game with a map where the filename is longer than 8 characters. The max info string size gets exceeded right before adding the path to jedi fighter, so it ends up dropping out of jedi fighter and back into vanilla JA. Going to finish chasing this one tomorrow night.

Release postponed by a few days at worst, but by one day at best.

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skew Author

Bug fixed!

Cleaning up some weird map textures and getting to packaging!

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skew Author


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