This mod was based off the television show Prison Break. It somewhat follows the environments of the show. You get informed by this woman that she has taken your brother and that you have to get into jail to kill a certain person so that you can get your brother back. To get into jail, you decide to rob a bank. Once your in jail you kill the person that this mysterious woman told you to. Now you get to escape from this high security prison. You escape through the pipe systems and end up in a trainstation. Now the Cops are on you. You fight your way through a couple more environments untill you reach your brother. So the question is, can you save your brothers life? I made this mod to learn how to use different programs, such as Valve's hammer editor and Maya. Please download my mod and join me on my journey of learning game development. Thanks. * 1 new weapons * 9 new maps * Some new props and textures * 30-60 min. playing time (depending on you skill level)

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