Intellectual Techno Hell tells the tale of a mentally retarded military operative who is in for the biggest mission of his life: stopping an evil force who has corrupted the world as we know it. As this operative, you must operate familiar and strange weaponry as you survive in this transformed world. You must move quickly through the environment as you survive hordes of enemies. You also can kick enemies and punch them with real HUMAN FISTS MADE OUT OF RAW HUMAN HANDS.

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liblung says

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I can appreciate the fact that this is a shitposty kind of thing. However, I do think that there still are standards that should be adhered to with shitpost mods. One of them being that they are interesting (and/or fun) to play. It doesn't quite hit this.

The 'feel' is fine, the attakcs are chaotic, spammable, sending enemies flying. But what it lacks is the environment to have fun with them. There simply aren't enough people around to attack with them.

Instead of it being an interesting and violently one-sided fight, it becomes a "where the **** do I go" sort of experience rather quickly.

That's before the repetition of having all of the levels generated by a random generator with about 10 templates sets in.

I think there's a lot of good ideas here, but the (lack of) level design prevents the mechanics present from being able to be exploited. A good, powerful fight is turned into a annoying, repetitive slog.


pill_dickle says

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my name 🅱eff


IsomericGamer says

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nothing to say it's really amazing


TheZealot says

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Fast_Train says

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